September 11, 2022

Adrianne posing with the Obamas 💙


Wow, we couldn't be prouder of our very own Adrianne George visiting the White House with her family and posing in front of the newly displayed portraits of former President Mr. Obama & former First Lady Mrs. Obama.

The official White House portraits of Barack and Michelle Obama were unveiled on Thursday after being blocked by Donald Trump for four years.... 

"When future generations walk these halls and look up at these portraits, I hope they get a better honest sense of who Michelle and I were. And I hope they leave with a deeper understanding that if we could make it here, maybe they can, too. They can do remarkable things, too," - Barack Obama

"If the two of us can end up on the walls of the most famous address in the world, then again it is so important for every young kid who is doubting themselves to believe that they can, too. That is what this country is about," - Michelle Obama 

Adrianne is currently attending the DNC Summer Meeting representing Democrats Abroad & Democrats Abroad Global Black Caucus. Thank You, Adrianne, Candice, Art, Martha, Ken, Joseph, and Katie! 💙

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