February 05, 2023

An Ode to Virginia Woolf...

An Ode to Virginia Woolf

She covered the wound with an orange band-aid.

Regrettably, no skin colored one’s available

It had been oozing for some time

At night she would awaken troubled

The lesion seeping pus and blood

Staunching it permanently was futile

One day she decided to sing her pain away

But that only enforced the insurmountable

Then she turned to futile drinking

Too little creativity evolved there

Religion helped to access visions

Which left her self-consciously depleted

Sex was a favorable distorted distraction


She wished for sustained healing

But none of the remedies abetted

The throbbing denied pacification

Until she decided to relay her story

And was humbled when people listened

She felt suddenly relieved

Lighter, brighter, durable, flexible

She checked her wound and noticed

It had become much smaller


Camille Elaine Thomas

January 10, 2023

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