January 31, 2023

Join Us & Black Out Social Media


This Black History Month the Global Black Caucus is Black Resistance in The Past, Present, and Future.

An attack on our African-American Community is an attack on all Americans…

The fight is far from over.
When we look at the cumulative effect of what’s going on with our voting rights - the cumulative effect of the rise of white supremacists coming into black areas trying to intimidate - the cumulative effect of states who are putting forth more and more voter suppression laws.

The fight is not over. It’s far from over!

We are dedicated even more to fighting harder. Being demoralized is not an option!

We are talking about our liberty, our freedom! Not just for us and our children but for all Americans.

We demand fair treatment!
We demand reparations!
We demand fair education!
We demand fair healthcare!
We demand Fair elections!
We demand equality and justice for ALL!

We hope you will join us in posting a black picture for 24hrs with the following suggested text and yes, please encourage your families, friends, brothers, sisters & allies to follow your lead.


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