September 08, 2023

Living Pride in the North

The Hamburg and Northern Germany Chapter spent the month of August celebrating love, equality and self-determination.

DA info stand at CSD in Hamburg

Over the weekend from the 4th to the 6th of August, the chapter got the festivities started with a Get out the Vote stand at the Christopher Street Day Strassenfest in Hamburg. Members toughed out the heat and crowds to talk to Americans abroad about their right to vote from abroad and how to become members of Democrats Abroad. Hamburg locals were joined by members from our Precincts, enriching the estimated 250.000 persons who came to the Hanseatic city to demonstrate and celebrate under the motto of ‘Selbstbestimmung jetzt! (Self Determination Now!).

In a similar vein, the Lübeck precinct got out the vote and advertised membership at the Christopher Street Day Lübeck #BleibtMutig (#StayBrave) against homophobia and sexuality and gender identity-based hate crimes. The 19th of August included the precinct’s participation in the Pride March through the city (attended by an estimated 2.200 persons), an info-stand amongst the main events in the Marktplatz, and an interview with Precinct Captain Cynthia Walther for about the importance of voting consistently and frequently. Text and Audio available at the link below.

A huge thanks to everyone who volunteered to man the stands at both events to make them an incredible success!

To hear Lübeck Precinct Captain Cynthia Walther‘s interview, please click here.

Text by Candice Newton