March 19, 2024

Meet your 2024 DAROK Secretary Candidate!

Meet Erik Starn! 

Candidate for DAROK Secretary

Hello! I am Erik Starn. I have been living in Korea for five years, a proud member of the Democratic Party since I could first vote, and active as a volunteer with Democrats Abroad Korea (DAROK) since 2023, serving as a founding member and recruitment chair of the Seoul chapter. I am deeping my commitment to democratic values by running for the position of Secretary for DAROK. In what will be the most important election of our lives, the margin of victory will hinge on a number of voters smaller than the audience of a BTS concert. Voters can make a difference if we can tap into their energy and passion, and that is why I am running for Secretary.

As Secretary, I see the opportunity to leverage my organizational skills to maintain accurate letters, communicate the goals of the Executive Committee, and reach voters through the DAROK newsletter. I am to strengthen our community’s voice and amplify our influence on the political landscape abroad. I would be honored to serve our Democratic community as Secretary, and will pursue my responsibilities with dedication to fostering a culture of inclusivity, empowerment, and democratic participation within DAROK, ensuring that every member’s voice is heard and valued.