Vote in Alabama Special Election for US Senate on Dec 12

Important Update: to request your ballot the FPCA form must be RECEIVED by your election official by DEC 7, not postmarked as has been published by the Federal Voting Assistance Program in error. 

Let’s elect Democrat Doug Jones as Alabama's new Senator!

NOW is the time to request your ballot for the Alabama US Senate Election on December 12 for the seat vacated by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Alabama is the deepest of red states, but Democrat Doug Jones, a career prosecutor, is currently tied in the polls with the truly awful Roy Moore. Republican Moore is looking increasingly vulnerable in the wake of multiple well-documented accusations of improper conduct with underage girls in The Washington Post. (See follow-up reporting in the Huffington Post too).

Democrats just posted historic wins in races across the US. We can do the same in Alabama, but every vote is crucial!

It's simple to request your ballot: overseas voters need to request a ballot every year. Go to and follow the instructions to fill out the FPCA form (used for both voter registration and ballot requests). Then print, sign and MAIL it in. Your ballot request form must be RECEIVED by Thursday, December 7.*

However, Alabama officials have confirmed that if choose to receive you ballot by email/online, overseas voters will be able to use the state's online ballot marking system to cast your ballot. You may both mark your ballot and certificate AND submit both online. The ballot and certificate are encrypted and sent separately in order to maintain a secret ballot.

If you choose to receive your ballot by postal mail and haven't received it yet, we highly recommend you VOTE NOW using the FWAB “emergency ballot” for overseas voters. You can fill out the FWAB at the same time as the FPCA at or follow our instructions to Vote by FWAB. It must be POSTMARKED by Tuesday, December 12 and RECEIVED in Alabama by Tuesday, December 19.

When you get your ballot, it's recommended that you vote and mail in the state ballot even if you already voted with the FWAB. Mail it back right away.

And be sure to mail in your voter registration and ballot request form by the above deadlines!

* DA urges every registered voter in Alabama to send the FPCA immediately, and consider use of an express delivery service if you have any concerns that airmail from your location won't reach the office of your election official in Alabama by December 12. Let us know if this error by the federal authorities has impacted your ability to vote in this election. Tell us your story at [email protected]