April 08, 2021

Run for something! DA Barcelona elections for the 2021-2023 term

Elections for new 2021–2023 DA-Barcelona officers are coming up fast, as the current terms of office are drawing to a close. This is your chance to participate in your local chapter of Democrats Abroad! 

On May 15, 2021, our chapter will hold its bi-annual elections as part of its Annual General Meeting. The chapter has been doing great work in the crucial 2020 pre- and post-presidential election period. It’s important to keep this momentum going and gear up for the equally crucial midterms in 2022, as well as to stay on top of the multiple voting-rights challenges that have the potential to affect our ability to vote from abroad, among other vital issues.

We urge you to participate as a voter. And, if you would like to become even more active in the chapter, one good way is to run for office, by nominating yourself, or to nominate someone you think would be a good fit in one of the roles.

Offices: Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary.


  • U.S. citizen
  • Member of Democrats Abroad Barcelona Chapter
  • Adherence to the principles of the Democratic Party

Officers serve a two-year term and can hold the same office for a maximum of two consecutive terms.

The nomination form can be found hereDeadline for submitting nominations in advance: April 28 at 10:00 pm

Not sure what's involved and if it's for you? There will be an orientation Zoom meeting on Tuesday, April 13 (RSVP here). Past and current officeholders will be on hand to provide more information and answer questions about what the different roles involve in terms of responsibilities, possibilities and time commitments. More information will be coming regarding specifics. As in the DA-Spain Executive Committee elections, you will be able to vote online or at our Annual General Meeting.

Dates at a glance:

Tuesday, April 13, 8:00 pm Orientation meeting
Wednesday, April 28, 10:00 pm Deadline for receiving advance nominations
Saturday, May 15, 4:30 pm Election (Annual General Meeting)