Democrats Abroad Mexico Annual General Meeting 2019 Schedule

Hotel Posada La Aldea, Ancha de San Antonio 15

San Miguel de Allende

Saturday, March 30th:

11:30-1:00 Conference registration at table in La Aldea lobby;

1:00- 1:10 Welcome to Conference in Sala Allende

1:10- 2:00 Leadership Development Workshop 1:

What does it mean to be a Democrat in Mexico?

Presented by Larry Pihl & Mike Lambert

For most of us, living abroad in Mexico is a chosen option. At the same time, most want to remain connected with the United States and care what happens there. Grateful for the opportunities we enjoy in Mexico, we recognize the responsibilities of US citizenship. In this workshop, we will try to learn what US issues we share common concern for and the best ways, in addition to our vote, for us to influence the direction of the US.

2:00- 2:30 Coffee break

2:30- 3:20 Leadership Development Workshop 2: Funding our Mission

Presented by Hope Bradberry with Will Chapman

What are the current best practices for funding your mission? This workshop will include: Quickly articulating your mission to present to donors, better known as the elevator speech. How to identify, cultivate and steward donors. How the two most important words in the English language are Thank You! How special events can wear out your volunteers, and you, and what is their purpose. How the personal appeal is the most effective tool for long-term sustained financial security.

3:20- 4:00 Chapter & Member Recognitions

4:00- 5:00 Break & check-in/seating in Sala Colonial begins

5:00- 6:00 Robert Reich

Our first speaker, Robert Reich, is a celebrated American political commentator, professor, and author who served in the administrations of Presidents Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton. He was Secretary of Labor from 1993 to 1997 and a member of President-elect Barack Obama's economic transition advisory board. He is currently Chancellor’s Professor of public policy at the University of California Berkeley.

6:15 Book signing of his latest book, The Common Good. Reich’s book is available on to ship to Mexico! There will be a cash bar reception during the book signing.

Sunday, March 31st:

8:00- 9:00 Conference registration lobby of La Aldea

9:00- 12:00 Country business meeting Sala Aldama

9:00 Chair Report: Larry Pihl (includes Chapter reports)

9:30 Secretary report from 2018 AGM, Sam Stone

9:50 Treasurer's Report, David Fields

10:00- 10:30 DA Mexico, Officer elections including *. Survey Monkey results run by the National Nominating Committee

10:30- 10:45 Coffee Break

10:45- 11:10 Introductions of new officers

11:10- 11:30 Bylaw changes and vote

11:30- 11:45 Washington DC - Larry Pihl

11:45- 12:00 Will Chapman announcement

12:00- 1:30 Lunch Break - Standing committee chairs from different chapters go to

lunch together.

1:30- 2:30 Genaro Lozano

Genaro Lozano writes weekly in the newspapers of the Reforma Group and conducts daily "Foro Global". Presentation on: 1. US politics from the perspective of a Mexican political analyst. 2. Guidelines on how to have impact on MX media. 3. AMLO & perspective on the new Mexican Government.

2:30- 3:20 Leadership Development Workshop 3: Strategy for Effective GOTV Campaigns. Presented by Barbara Erickson.

A quick overview of important considerations when planning your GOTV efforts from FPCA to ballot return. Includes important do’s and don’ts as well as target dates for 2020.

3:30- 4:20 Leadership Development Workshop 4: The Art of Collaboration

Presented by Larry Pihl & Mike Lambert

We know GOTV gets Dems elected, but what do we do in between elections? We have lots of work to do to grow our numbers and keep them involved. An active organization is an attractive one. But just like with a successful election, no one way can do it all! Democrats need to keep the tent flaps wide open. In this workshop we will try to learn ways to include other individuals and join efforts with other organizations with whom we share common goals.

4:20- 5:00 Announcements concerning AGM 2020.

Monday, April 1st, Optional Activities
Upon registration, you will receive a form with a link with more information on each of the following activities:

El Charco Hike: 8:30 am - 10:00 am: The entry fee is about 50 pesos. Your volunteer experienced guide will be Michael Burns. Minimum of 4 persons (maximum 15).

Historical Walking Tour: 10:00 am - 12:30 am: 300 pesos to support Patronato Pro Niños.

Tour Mask Museum 10:30 am: Suggested donation is 50 pesos.

Sketch Your Way Around SMA with Meagan Burns 11:00 am - 1:30 pm: $25 USD or $500 pesos per person, a minimum of 2 participants, but no more than 6.

La Presa Allende Paddle 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm: 300 peso/ kayak, paddle, PFD rental. Minimum of 4 persons (maximum 15).