August 16, 2023

Vote From Mexico • A Better Way

Why is Vote From Abroad better?

Use our online tool——and count on these important advantages over other absentee voting methods:

  • You're Federally Protected—Your ballot is protected by federal law. With efforts to restrict voting, your vote is especially important. Our election experts help make sure it counts.
  • Earlier Ballot Receipt (45 days ahead)—Ballots must be sent at least 45 days before the election. This extra time is especially crucial in Mexico if you must return your ballot only by mail.
  • Email Convenience—Request that your blank ballot is sent by Email, Online or Fax (not Mail): Get your ballot wherever you are.
  • More Time to Return Your Ballot—In some states, overseas voters have extra time to return their completed ballots. 
  • Federal Backup Ballot—Didn’t receive your ballot in time to meet your state’s return deadline? Use the federal backup ballot—so whatever happens, you can vote.

  • Sent Every Election—A ballot will be sent for every election in the calendar year once you register–all Primary, General, Special and Runoff Elections, federal, state and local. States have different rules, but as long as you intend to return at some point, you can vote down ballot.


Two final advantages:

  • Better Overseas Representation—Use VoteFromAbroad to raise our clout and visibility as overseas voters. With issues such as Equitable Taxation Abroad, Medicare Portability, and Voting Rights.
  • On Your Side—You have Vote From Abroad and Democrats Abroad backing you—with our Voter Deadline Alerts, Voter Protection Program, Personalized Assistance and more. We want your vote to count!


Thank you for voting!

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VoteFromAbroad is non-partisan—and functions as required by the U.S. Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act (UOCAVA). We are committed to providing all U.S. citizens abroad who come to us for voting assistance with the information and tools they need.