August 24, 2023

Voting Center '24 • Basics, Why+How


Once again, this is the most important U.S. election of our lives. In 2024, Democracy is at stake—the foundation for all our rights and American Way of Life. Even in Mexico. 


Go to now to Request Your Ballots and see your Deadlines. 
Strongly recommended: Request Your Ballots by February 29, 2024— at the latest. 

In fact, this will be too late in some states. So do it "early" and get every 2024 Ballot you're entitled to. 

2024 Elections already started in January as shown below:




Yes, you can vote from Mexico…in U.S. primaries and general elections if you are:

  • A U.S. citizen—includes “binational” Mexican / U.S. citizens
  • Abroad (outside the U.S.)
  • Age 18 or older as of Nov. 5, 2024

Other requirements apply for Global Presidential Primary. See below.


Easier Voting & Deadlines

Count on our Voter Support Tools:

  • online tool—and its advantages: Many voters only need to use this tool to register, request and return their ballot. See several advantages here.
  • Personalized Assistance / Voter Education: In-person events, chats, online videos and more.
  • Voter Deadline Alerts: Main reason votes are not counted? They don’t arrive in time. Meeting deadlines in some states can be tricky. We can help. See Voter Deadlines here. 

We will do everything we can to get your vote counted—including our ongoing Voter Protection Program.


Your Vote Matters

  • Putting President Biden over the top in GA—One example: In 2020, our Dems Abroad votes gave him more than enough votes to win. Without our votes, he would have lost GA.
  • Difference between winning and losing—with races often so close, our votes can decide races. We need you and everyone to vote—especially younger voters. You made the difference in 2022!



Financial, Personal and Our Other Rights 

  • So many reasons to vote in U.S. Elections. Even if you’re in Mexico.
    From Abortion Bans, Book Bans and Voting Suppression to protecting your Social Security and the American Dream for All to respect for everyone, whether they're Hispanic, Black, White, Asian, LGBTQ+, women, men or kids. 

Your Reasons to Vote?

  • U.S. Elections have consequences for you in Mexico. Remember, what happens in the U.S. doesn't stay there.
    How dramatically will your financial, job, personal safety, religious / spiritual and other rights change if extremist MAGA Republicans win in 2024? They have plans to destroy Democracy. While Democrats continue to deliver strong solutions and fight for Democracy. The choice is clear. 



A. Strongly recommended: Everyone who is eligible to vote should register every year. While some states may carry over your registration from year to year, many other states will not.
This election is too important to miss. So go to no later than this month to register & request your 2024 ballots. 

B. In 2024, there are two types of primaries to know about:

1. Dems Abroad Global Presidential Primary (March 5, 2024)

  • Recommended option! You can cast your ballot in this primary no matter what state you vote from—if you are a DA member, a U.S. citizen and age 18 or older as of Nov. 5, 2024. Watch your email for your ballot. Or attend our San Miguel de Allende in-person primary. 
    CAUTION! Do not also vote in your State Presidential Primary!  

2. Your State’s Primaries—Presidential and "Down Ballot" 

  • Your state's 2024 elections may include Senate, House and your state's important "down ballot" races for Governor, Secretary of State, Ballot Measures, etc. 
  • Two different dates. Usually, your state’s presidential vs. down ballot primaries are on different dates. Voter Deadlines here.
  • Register, Request, then Return Your Ballot—Go to no later than this month get started.

Quick Recap:

Go to this month(!) to Request Your Ballots.
Do it "
early" so you get every 2024 Ballot you're entitled to. 

2024 Elections started in January!

Voter Deadlines here.

Questions? Email us here. 


Thank you for voting in 2024!