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DAMX Meeting Schedule for 2021

Here is the schedule for Board of Directors Meetings for 2021. Please contact the Secretary for Administrative Records at [email protected] if you would like to attend. All meetings are held on Cisco WebEx.

April 21, 2021 - 6:00 pm Mexico City Time - Board of Directors Meeting

July 21, 2021 - 6:00 pm Mexico City Time - Board of Directors Meeting

October 20, 2021 - 6:00 pm Mexico City Time - Board of Directors Meeting

Date to be determined - December 2021 - 6:00 pm Mexico City Time - Executive Committee Meeting

January 19, 2021 - 6:00 pm Mexico City Time - Board of Directors Meeting

Date to be determined - March 2021 - Annual General Meeting



Where do US citizens live in Mexico?

This interactive map lets you explore in detail where the US-born population lives across Mexican municipalities, using data from the 2020 Census.
Outreach in these regions offers a unique opportunity to mobilize support and increase participation in US elections from Mexico. Click the image to learn more, and please consider chipping in to support our efforts or sign up to volunteer!
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Vote now in our DAMX Country Committee Elections

Official Ballot of Democrats Abroad Mexico
March 2021-March 2023 Term
This is an important election for the leadership of DA Mexico and to approve an amendment to the Mexico Country By-laws.
Click on Ballot:  DA Mexico Ballot
Every two years we hold general elections for leadership, as required under the bylaws of the Democratic Party Committee Abroad (DPCA), the formal name of our international organization.
Please click on the link above and complete the ballot on Google Forms.  It should take no longer than 3 to 4 minutes, but this small expenditure of time has important implications for the future of DAMX at home and at the global level. 
 You will also be choosing Voting Representatives from across Mexico who will represent DAMX at the annual general meetings of Democrats Abroad for the next two years.
Note that we have supplied brief biographies of candidates for all positions in English and Spanish; link below on this same document. 
Boleta oficial - Demócratas en el Extranjero México
Esta es una elección importante para el liderazgo de DA México.     Haga clic en Ballot: DA Mexico Ballot
Cada dos años celebramos elecciones generales para el liderazgo, como lo exigen los estatutos del Comité del Partido Demócrata en el Extranjero (DPCA), el nombre formal de nuestra organización internacional.
Haga clic en el link arriba y complete la boleta en Google Forms. No debería llevar más de 3 a 4 minutos, pero este pequeño gasto de tiempo tiene importantes implicaciones para el futuro de DAMX en casa y a nivel mundial.
También elegirá representantes con derecho a voto de todo México que representarán a DAMX en las reuniones generales anuales de Demócratas en el Extranjero durante los próximos dos años.
Tenga en cuenta que hemos proporcionado breves biografías de los candidatos para todos los puestos en inglés y español, encuentre la liga abajo, en esta misma página.
Thank you in advance. ~ Gracias de antemano.
Your DAMX Nominating Committee / Su comité de nominaciones de DAMX,
Bill Crowder, Edgar Lopez, Mike Lyman, Michael Lawry, Barbara Erickson
KEY TO CHAPTER ABBREVIATIONS / CLAVE DE LAS ABREVIATURAS DEL CAPÍTULO: Costa Banderas (CB), Guadalajara (DGL), Lake Chapala (LC), Mazatlan (MAZ), Mexico City (CDMX), San Miguel de Allende (SMA), Yucatan (YUC)
BIOGRAFÍAS en el Español 

Don’t Forget to Vote! / ¡No olvide votar!

Mexico COVID-19 Vaccine Update

We are receiving many inquiries regarding COVID-19 vaccines in Mexico, and we advise you to follow Embassy advice and alerts. Here is the guidance from the Feb 19th health alert:

The Mexican government has approved several COVID-19 vaccines for emergency use.  Federal health authorities have assured the vaccine will be available to Mexican citizens, as well as temporary and permanent residents. The Mexican government’s vaccine signup portal requires registrants provide their Clave Única de Registro de Población (CURP).  A CURP is a unique identity code that Mexican citizens and permanent and temporary residents are issued.  If you don’t know your CURP, you can search for it on RENAPO's web page. Local policies for vaccination may vary, so we encourage you to consult with your health care authorities and health professionals about how to receive the vaccine.  Please review our English language instructions on how to register for the vaccine.  At the time of your appointment, you may be asked to provide evidence of identity and residence.  Please contact the local entity distributing the vaccine to confirm the documentary requirements prior to your appointment.  We encourage U.S. citizens residing in Mexico to follow host country developments and guidelines, in particular, the Government of Mexico’s national vaccination plan against COVID-19 (Spanish only).

Actions to Take:

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The Annual General Membership Meeting for Democrats Abroad Mexico (DAMX) will be held virtually this year on March 14th.  It is time to select a new Board of Directors and Voting Representatives for DAMX.  The independent Nominating and Elections Committee (NEC) will select a slate of candidates to present to the membership for consideration. 

The NEC is empowered by our Bylaws to "receive nominations of members for elected Officer positions and Members-at-Large from the membership and to make nominations...for any open position."  This letter serves as a call for nominations from our membership (see below for details). Nominations MUST be made in writing and returned to the NEC Chair no later than February 20, 2021. A link to the Nominating Form is at the end of this document. If you would like to nominate someone or be considered for a position, please use the form and email Bill Crowder, NEC Chair, at [email protected]  

Candidates will have the opportunity to present their bios and statements to be posted on the Democrats Abroad Mexico page and linked on the ballot.

After the NEC vets candidates and prepares a slate, a ballot will be sent to all members in good standing on February 28th. Ballots must be returned by March 13th. Since our meeting this year will be virtual, there will not be any nominations from the floor.

Please read the following to have a better understanding of the Board and the roles of each of its members.

The Executive Committee of the DAMX Board consists of these officers:  Chair, Vice Chair of Global and Regional Affairs, Vice Chair of Chapter Affairs, Secretary for Administrative Records, Vice Chair of Chapter Affairs, Secretary for Membership, Treasurer, Counsel, and immediate past Chair. 

In particular we are seeking a candidate for the officer position of Treasurer. Job descriptions for these positions can be found in the DAMX Board Handbook, linked at the end of this letter. The list of candidates currently running for the DAMX Board can be found here: Candidates

Additionally, the Board of Directors can include from three to seven voting Members-at-Large with experience in diverse areas: Get Out the Vote, IT, Communications, Fundraising, and Events Planning, among others.  Members-at-Large may be asked to chair or serve on a Board committee by the DAMX Chair.

We are seeking a diverse group of candidate Board members and officers who are willing and able to make the following commitments:  

- Uphold the  DAMX Bylaws Bylaws Link

- Serve for at least one two-year term.

- Attend monthly virtual Board meetings. 

- Donate to DAMX. The amount of the donation is totally up to the Board member, but Board contributions are a significant portion of the annual budget and are an important fundraising tool.

Beyond the commitments laid out above: we look for Board members who understand that they serve to represent and advance the aims of the DAMX and the Democratic Party.  Ideal candidates are those who are able to work collaboratively and be part of the team, ready to pitch in where and when needed. Finally, ideal Board members are those who enjoy working with others and will find that their time on the Board is not only worthwhile but also fun.

Any member of the organization wishing to run for an open position and not nominated by the NEC shall declare their candidacy in writing to the Chair of the NEC by February 20th. We will send the slate out for consideration on February 28th.

Also, up for election are our Voting Representatives who serve to represent Mexico at the Democratic Party Committee Abroad (DPCA). Here is a link to their job description: Voting Rep Job Description 

If you are interested in volunteering, but don’t want to hold a leadership position, we invite you to identify yourself as a “Volunteer” on your profile in NationBuilder by going to and signing in using your email address (NationBuilder is the database in which DA maintains confirmed “Members” and from which we have sent this email).  Or contact your local Chapter Chair.  DAMX will contact you once it organizes the committees and plans activities.

For complete Election Rules go to this link: Election Rules 

Here is the link to the DAMX Board Member Handbook with job descriptions: Board Handbook 

Link to Nominating Form: Nominations Form 

We appreciate your interest and involvement.  Please contact us with your questions or to submit nominations.


Nominations and Elections Committee:

Bill Crowder, NEC Chair, Lake Chapala  [email protected]
Edgar Lopez, CDMX
Mike Lyman, Costa Banderas
Barbara Erickson, SMA
Michael Lawry, Yucatan

Meeting Schedule

In order to comply with Articles 14.1 and 14.4 of the Democrats Abroad Mexico Bylaws, the following schedule is shared in order to ensure that members are given notice of and an opportunity to participate in meetings of the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.


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Why Voting Matters

Why Voting Matters

Democracies are dead without voters. Democracies can be inefficient to make collective decisions but are the most effective to include all the voices of society. These voices are important for an active democracy. Thus, debating and voting are fundamentals for a living democracy.  As such, voters have the right and responsibility to listen to the debate and make their voices heard. And making their voices heard, In these times of pandemic, means mailing in their ballots. Democrats Abroad stands for including everyone in the voting process. 

This year, we are in a very contentious electoral race where the presumptive candidates Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden will be on the ballot for the November 3 general election in the United States. The 2020 election has created large oppositions in party platforms and, in particular, strife for the vision of what constitutes the “soul of America” and its dreams moving forward.  

President Trump has admitted to starving the United States Postal Service (USPS) of vital federal funding, in order to make it harder to process voting by mail.   Trump claims that voter fraud exists, but these claims are bogus. For example, The New York Times reported that Tennessee in 2018 counted 40 credible allegations, out of some 4.3 million primary and general election votes, and In Georgia, 25 inquiries out of more than 4.1 million ballots cast.

But what is more worrisome is voter suppression.  Clearly, President Trump is uncertain about his re-election and therefore does not want to see voters mail in their ballots.  Not being able to get to the ballot box during the Covid-19 crisis or threatening people’s lives in the process is not democratic. Voting by mail, therefore, becomes a second-best alternative to maintain the democratic process.  

Democrats Abroad seeks to help potential voters cast their ballots, either Americans living in Mexico or Mexican/ American dual nationals.  We have set a goal to register voters by October 11 (although many are still eligible to register after that date), and voters abroad could possibly change the outcome of the US election. If you or someone you know could vote in the US presidential election, we have experts to help you register and make sure you vote. Contact us.


Por qué es importante votar

Las democracias mueren cuando se impide el derecho a votar. Aunque las democracias pueden ser ineficientes para tomar decisiones colectivas, son sin embargo las más efectivas para incluir a todas las voces de la sociedad. Estas voces son importantes para mantener una democracia activa, y debatir y votar son fundamentales para una mantenerla viva. En la democracia, los votantes tienen el derecho y la responsabilidad de escuchar el debate y hacer oír su voz. Y hacer oír sus voces, en estos tiempos de pandemia, significa poder enviar sus boletas electorales por correo. Nosotros, los Demócratas en el Extranjero en México, nos pronunciamos por incluir a todos los ciudadanos estadounidenses en el proceso de votación.

Este año estamos en una carrera electoral muy polémica en la que los presuntos candidatos, el republicano Donald Trump y el demócrata Joe Biden, estarán en la boleta para las elecciones generales del 3 de noviembre en Estados Unidos. Las elecciones de 2020 han creado grandes divisiones en las plataformas de los partidos y, en particular, luchas por la visión de lo que constituye el "alma de Estados Unidos" y sus sueños para seguir adelante.

Esta semana el presidente Trump admitió que privó al Servicio Postal de los Estados Unidos (USPS) de fondos federales (que le resultan vitales) a fin de dificultar y limitar el proceso de votación por correo. Trump se justifica diciendo que existe fraude electoral en la votación por correo, pero esta afirmación es falsa, y numerosas publicaciones de prestigio lo han desmentido. Por ejemplo, The New York Times informó que Tennessee en 2018 contó 40 acusaciones creíbles, de unos 4,3 millones de votos en elecciones primarias y generales, y en Georgia, 25 consultas de más de 4,1 millones de votos emitidos.

Pero  la supresión del voto es mucho más preocupante que esos intentos de fraude. Claramente, el presidente Trump no está seguro de su reelección y, por lo tanto, no quiere que los votantes envíen sus boletas por correo; y esto es supresión del voto. La crisis de Covid-19 hace peligroso para los votantes llegar a las urnas, y bloquear al servicio de votación por correo es forzarles a acudir en persona para votar (lo cual amenaza su vida), a fin de reducir el volumen de votos; y esto no es democrático. En estas condiciones de pandemia, el voto por correo se convierte en la mejor alternativa al voto en persona para mantener el proceso democrático.

Democrats Abroad busca ayudar a todos los votantes potenciales a emitir sus votos, ya sean estadounidenses que viven en México o ciudadanos con doble nacionalidad mexicano / estadounidense. Los votantes en el extranjero son tantos que podrían cambiar el resultado de las elecciones estadounidenses. Si usted o alguien que conoce es ciudadano y tiene derecho a votar en las elecciones presidenciales de los Estados Unidos, tenemos expertos para ayudarle a registrarse y asegurarse de que vote. Contáctanos.