These are the elected and appointed representatives of Democrats Abroad Mexico.

The DA Mexico leaders are:

William Chapman
| Chair DA Mexico
Michaele De Rivera
| Mexico Vice Chair, Board Member - Guadalajara, DEMOCRATS UNITE; Hispanic Caucus, Steering Committee
| Because of the chaotic conditions which now exist in the current white house administration , I feel it is extremely importan...
William Prescott
| Treasurer - Mexico; Vice Chair, Treasurer - Guadalajara; DPCA Voting Rep; Global IT Team Member; HC Steering Committee
Beatriz Zarur Valderrama
| Secretary DAMX
Michael Sump
| Mexico, Membership Chair. GOTV Volunteer, Guadalajara.
Gil Anav
Emily Raskin Perey
| DAMX Board Member-at-Large, DA Lake Chapala Vice Chair, DALC Co-Chair, GOTV
| Mexico Communications Chair; Vice Chair of CDMX
Ari Milner
| MX IT Chair, CDMX Phone Banking Chair
Larry Pihl
| Past Chair, DA Mexico; Membership Chair, Lake Chapala Chapter

Committee leaders are either elected or appointed. Elections are held in the first quarter of odd numbered years as prescribed in the Country Committee bylaws.