These are the elected and appointed representatives of Democrats Abroad Mexico.

The DA Mexico leaders are:

Lawrence Pihl
| Chair - Mexico
Adrian Celeste Smith
| Vice Chair - Mexico
Sam Stone
| Secretary - Mexico
David Fields
| Treasurer - Mexico
Mike Lambert
| SMA Treasurer - Rapid Action Team - National Member at Large* Nominated as Member-at-Large/Social Media Chair
| I currently serve as Treasurer for the SMA chapter and a member-at-large of the DA-Mexico, executive committee. For the last ...
julie juliano
| Member at Large - GOTV
Tim Whiting
| Member at Large - GOTV Assist
David Kamp
| Member at Large - Database
Roberta Camhi
| Member At Large - Outreach/Voting Rep
Patricia Lyman
| Member at Large - Social Media

Committee leaders are either elected or appointed. Elections are held in the first quarter of odd numbered years as prescribed in the Country Committee bylaws.