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An estimated 1.5 million US citizens reside in Mexico, and our mission is to help ALL of them register to vote in US federal, state, and local elections. 

Be sure you are registered!

All US citizens in Mexico are eligible to vote with an overseas absentee ballot. It only takes a few minutes to register at  Watch these videos to see how easy it really is! Contact us with any questions, and we’ll be happy to walk you through it personally!

Voter Registration Instructional Video

Request your ballot!

All voters need to request their overseas ballot every election year.  Learn how to do so here!

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Help us Get Out the Vote! Become a volunteer! Sign up HERE!

If you are interested in being a phone banker Sign up today! You can do this from the comfort of your home, and all you need is a laptop or computer. We need to reach out to all of our members in Mexico to be sure they are ready to vote. This is a way for you to make a big difference!


We are working hard to provide all the information citizens need to vote  from Mexico--but we need your help to reach even more. Every $30 MXN helps us reach one more voter. Please chip in


Will Chapman
DA Mexico, Presidente
[email protected]




DA Mexico Leadership:

William Chapman
| DA Mexico Country Chair / DPCA Voting Representative
Jude Wallesen
| DA Mexico Vice Chair of Chapter Affairs / DPCA Voting Representative / DA Guadalajara Chapter Chair
Michaele Rivera
| DA Mexico Vice Chair of Global & Regional Affairs / DPCA Voting Representative / DA Guadalajara Board Member / DEMOCRATS UNITE / Hispanic Caucus, Steering Committee
Brian Moran
| DA Mexico Treasurer / DA Yucatan Treasurer
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    Where do US citizens live in Mexico?

    This interactive map lets you explore in detail where the US-born population lives across Mexican municipalities, using data from the 2020 Census.
    Outreach in these regions offers a unique opportunity to mobilize support and increase participation in US elections from Mexico. Click the image to learn more, and please consider chipping in to support our efforts or sign up to volunteer!
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    Vote now in our DAMX Country Committee Elections

    Official Ballot of Democrats Abroad Mexico
    March 2021-March 2023 Term
    This is an important election for the leadership of DA Mexico and to approve an amendment to the Mexico Country By-laws.
    Click on Ballot:  DA Mexico Ballot
    Every two years we hold general elections for leadership, as required under the bylaws of the Democratic Party Committee Abroad (DPCA), the formal name of our international organization.
    Please click on the link above and complete the ballot on Google Forms.  It should take no longer than 3 to 4 minutes, but this small expenditure of time has important implications for the future of DAMX at home and at the global level. 
     You will also be choosing Voting Representatives from across Mexico who will represent DAMX at the annual general meetings of Democrats Abroad for the next two years.
    Note that we have supplied brief biographies of candidates for all positions in English and Spanish; link below on this same document. 
    Boleta oficial - Demócratas en el Extranjero México
    Esta es una elección importante para el liderazgo de DA México.     Haga clic en Ballot: DA Mexico Ballot
    Cada dos años celebramos elecciones generales para el liderazgo, como lo exigen los estatutos del Comité del Partido Demócrata en el Extranjero (DPCA), el nombre formal de nuestra organización internacional.
    Haga clic en el link arriba y complete la boleta en Google Forms. No debería llevar más de 3 a 4 minutos, pero este pequeño gasto de tiempo tiene importantes implicaciones para el futuro de DAMX en casa y a nivel mundial.
    También elegirá representantes con derecho a voto de todo México que representarán a DAMX en las reuniones generales anuales de Demócratas en el Extranjero durante los próximos dos años.
    Tenga en cuenta que hemos proporcionado breves biografías de los candidatos para todos los puestos en inglés y español, encuentre la liga abajo, en esta misma página.
    Thank you in advance. ~ Gracias de antemano.
    Your DAMX Nominating Committee / Su comité de nominaciones de DAMX,
    Bill Crowder, Edgar Lopez, Mike Lyman, Michael Lawry, Barbara Erickson
    KEY TO CHAPTER ABBREVIATIONS / CLAVE DE LAS ABREVIATURAS DEL CAPÍTULO: Costa Banderas (CB), Guadalajara (DGL), Lake Chapala (LC), Mazatlan (MAZ), Mexico City (CDMX), San Miguel de Allende (SMA), Yucatan (YUC)
    BIOGRAPHIES: English
    BIOGRAFÍAS en el Español 

    Don’t Forget to Vote! / ¡No olvide votar!

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    Upcoming Events

    Saturday, May 29, 2021 at 10:00 AM Eastern Time (US & Canada)

    Focus on Chapters - May Hispanic Caucus Meeting - EMEA/Americas Friendly time May 29, 2021 16:00 CET / 10:00 AM DC Time

    Join us for the May meeting of the Hispanic Caucus at 16:00, an EMEA/Americas friendly time. This event will focus on networking and allyship between the Hispanic Caucus and Country Committees. We want to open the dialogue about how this can be a symbiotic relationship of mutual support and growth. We encourage everyone interested to join, everyone is welcome, regardless of ethnic heritage.
    This will also be our first run of, “Chisme Check-In” a segment where everyone is welcome to lay back and convivir with one another for the last 15 minutes of the event. 
    We look forward to seeing you there!
    This event is hosted by the Global Hispanic Caucus, in partnership with DA Spain. 
    Date: May 29, 2021 at 10:00am EST (4.00pm Berlin, 9:00am Mexico City, 11:00pm Seoul)
    RSVP to receive the zoom link to join the event