August 16, 2023

7 Reasons to Vote in '24...

Vote in U.S. elections, even if you live in Mexico.

As a U.S. Citizen in Mexico, why should you care about U.S. elections?

Because what happens in the U.S. affects you here in Mexico. So, here are several reasons to vote. Are yours included?

  1. You have a financial stake in the U.S.—everything from you pay U.S. taxes, get U.S. Social Security and pensions to you have property up north and student loans.
  2. Believe the American Dream should continue for everyone—including your family (kids and grandkids), and your friends still living in the U.S.
  3. Want to Stop Social Security cuts—to your EARNED benefits and everyone else's. For many, no Social Security in Mexico would be devastating (and probably to other local U.S. and Mexican cititzens, too).
  4. Believe everyone's rights should be respected—whether it’s Woman’s reproductive rights, Mexicans’ right to be treated as first-class U.S. citizens, LGBTQ+ people’s right to exist or younger Amercians’ right to be heard.  Men’s rights, too, including sensible laws against gun violence.

  5. Know that what happens in the U.S. doesn’t stay in the U.S.—If the U.S. plunges into a major recession, there could be a big impact in Mexico and U.S. remittances could plummet. There's even talk from many Republicans about the U.S. invading Mexico to stop the flow of drugs. 
  6. Support full-strength U.S. Democracy—including elections free of suppression and fraud—and the peaceful transition of power.
  7. Want to elect the best people—to get real solutions enacted (climate change and more) and have our unique expat needs such as Medicare Portability addressed.


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