Thursday, February 22

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Ask the experts: American Taxes while living in the Netherlands


Do you have a specific question about American taxes from the Netherlands? Do you want to talk to tax professionals who knows and Understands American taxes? Join us for this panel discussion and Q&A session featuring a panel with Christie from BNC tax & accounting  as well as MyExpatTaxes.


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About Christie:

Christie Hoendervangers DuChateau is an American who has called The Netherlands home since 2015. She currently serves as the CEO of BNC Tax & Accounting B.V., a local firm specializing in U.S. tax advisory and compliance services tailored for expats. Holding the distinguished title of Enrolled Agent, the highest licensing award bestowed by the IRS, Christie's commitment to ethical standards and continuous education in taxation ensures clients receive the most accurate and up-to-date guidance. Beyond her professional prowess, Christie actively engages with the American expat community and has filed tax returns for hundreds of expats annually, offering not just expertise but also a personal connection to the expat experience. As a devoted mother of two, she understands the delicate balance between career and family life, and her passion for international travel mirrors the experiences of many of her clients.

About MyExpatTaxes:

"MyExpatTaxes was built to fill the gap in the US Expat Tax market. The software is an accessible and smart solution to file US Expat Taxes in as little as 15 minutes, without the high price tag.

The MyExpatTaxes software was developed for instant eFiling, maximizing refunds for every expat, and ensuring 100% accuracy. Since 2018, we’re doing just that, in addition to proving that we can take on complex tax cases.

Here at MyExpatTaxes, we believe that everyone should have access to the correct information, file affordably, and save time."


Thursday, February 22, 2024 at 08:00 PM Amsterdam Time


Tre' Shawn Griffin-Noordermeer
[email protected]

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