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Arms Control for a More Livable World

This event has been postponed by the Democrats Abroad Executive Committee to allow time to finalize the disclaimers and reach consensus on how to apply Democrats Abroad policies to this type of event. We apologize for any inconvenience the postponement might cause and hope to publish a new date for the event very soon.

Arms_Control_Jan_29_2024 SpeakersProDA_logo.pngThe 2023 U.S. National Defense Authorization Act authorizes over $880 billion in military spending, close to 50% of the entire federal discretionary budget and more than the next ten countries spend combined. While arms control has been and remains challenging, it is perhaps more important than ever now. 

Most experts agree that there can be no sustainable military solutions to heightening tensions and conflicts around the world. Nor does evidence suggest that nuclear modernization increases the likelihood of peaceful coexistence among existing and aspiring nuclear weapons states. Far more promising, albeit difficult, are efforts to lessen tensions and resolve conflicts peacefully. Far more sustainable is the increased allocation of resources to address their root causes. 

With that in mind, what is the future of arms control in the United States and elsewhere? Has the time for Senate-negotiated treaties, like New START, passed? Is it possible to break the cycle of ever-growing U.S. military budgets and require binding accountability for our military spending? Must we allocate more resources to address the national security threat posed by climate change? Can the prospect of greater support for our families, children, workers, and historically deprived communities move us to reduce military spending now? How can people like us join the effort to reduce nuclear threats in a meaningful and effective way? Join leading experts on military spending, arms control, and social policy for answers to these questions and more.

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Part of the series Monthly Mondays for Progressive Minds, which is co-sponsored by proDA Austria, proDA Germany, and proDA UKSpecial thanks to our additional DA co-sponsors for this event: Global Disability Caucus, Global Seniors Caucus, Global Veterans and Military Families Caucus, and Reparations Task Force.

Vancouver, CA

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London, UK

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Nairobi, Kenya

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Monday, January 29, 2024 at 12:00 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada) Time


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