Democratic Candidate Petitions

The anticipation is building, and the countdown has begun! The Democrats Abroad Global Presidential Primary (GPP) is scheduled to run from March 5 to March 12, 2024, at voting centers across the globe. As a Democrats Abroad member, this is your opportunity to wield your influence in selecting the next Democratic presidential candidate. Your voice matters, and the GPP is the platform that ensures it is heard.

But here's where the journey begins: you have the unique chance to play an active role in shaping the GPP ballot. Presidential candidates vying to be on the Democrats Abroad Global Presidential Primary ballot must meet specific criteria, one of which is submitting a petition signed by a minimum of 300 Democrats Abroad members.

Pres Joe BidenSign Joe Biden's petition Marianne WilliamsonSign Marianne Williamson's petition

You have the power to sign these petitions, thereby endorsing your preferred candidate(s) to appear on the GPP ballot. Whether you are drawn to one candidate or intrigued by both, there is no limit to the number of petitions you can sign. Your participation counts and helps ensure that the GPP reflects the true spectrum of perspectives within Democrats Abroad.

The deadline for candidate petitions is January 3, 2024, so don't delay—your endorsement can make all the difference.

By signing these petitions, you're taking the first step toward making your voice heard in the GPP. As the dates of the primary approach, we encourage you to stay engaged, informed, and ready to cast your vote for the candidate who aligns most closely with your aspirations for the nation and the world.

Together, we can shape the future of the Democratic Party, and with your active participation in the GPP, we'll pave the way toward a brighter tomorrow.

The Democrats Abroad Global Presidential Primary will run from March 5 to March 12, 2024. Americans abroad will be able to vote at 100s of voting locations around the world.


Note for campaigns: For a copy of the petition in printable form, please contact [email protected].