April 13, 2020

Democrats Abroad pushes for CARES Act Accessibility for Americans Abroad

Concerned about limitations in the IRS online tools for delivering CARES Act aid, Democrats Abroad has written to Treasury Secretary Mnuchin and IRS Commissioner Rettig asking for a range of changes to improve the accessibility of Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act aid for Americans abroad. 

To download our letter click here.

Our most urgent concern relates to the inability of Americans abroad to send their non-US bank account details to the IRS to facilitate the delivery of the CARES Act Recovery Rebate (See our CARES Act Aid FAQs for more information.)  The Non-Filers: Enter Information Here tool makes no accommodation for our local accounts.  We anticipate the Get My Payment online tool, expected to be published by the IRS in the week commencing Monday 13 April, will do the same.  We have asked that the tools be altered urgently so that Americans abroad can enter the details of their accounts in non-US banks and have the Recovery Rebate paid into them by direct deposit. 

But we are also concerned about the difficulty some Federal Student Loan Borrowers will have requesting forbearance for student loan payments and the general weakness we see in Treasury's CARES Act Public Awareness campaign when it comes to communication with Americans abroad.  Our letter includes recommendations related to these matters and others.

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