November 21, 2023

How to Set Up an Online IRS and Social Security Account for Americans Abroad

On 17 November Democrats Abroad presented a Webinar on setting up an IRS and Social Security Online Account from abroad.  The recording is now available.  See the message below from the Taxation Task Force, which hosted the webinar.

DA Australia has 2 upcoming events with the Tax Task Force Chair, Rebecca Lammers, who is meeting with members in Sydney and Melbourne during her Christmas holiday trip to see family in Australia.  Click here for information about the Sydney event on December 10.  Click here for information about the Melbourne event on December 21.

Here is the recording from the How to Set Up an Online IRS & Social Security Account for Americans Abroad webinar:

  • Click here for the recording (you must be logged into your Democrats Abroad account to access it)
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  • Click here for the list of links (download link)
  • Click here for slides (download link)

One of the follow-up questions asked during the Q&A was about using two passports for ID verification if you have more than one passport. The answer is, yes, dual citizens will be able to use their US passport and their non-US passport - they would select Passport and Foreign Passport as their two primary document types. They may, however, need to still upload a secondary document for proof of address.

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Rebecca Lammers
Chair, Democrats Abroad Taxation Task Force