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    LEARN TO PHONEBANK May 24, 2022

    DA Japan Phonebanking training and practice  

    May 2022 Trainer: Eric Gondree, DA Japan

    in preparation for DA Japan's phone banking campaign!

    Phonebanking is one of the easiest and most effective ways for us to turn out the DA vote in Asia Pacific and around the globe! Join our phonebanking training to call Democrats Abroad members.

    After this session, you'll be ready to join in on current campaigns and phonebank from the comfort of your own laptop. If you've attended a phonebanking training but want a little support, come along and practice with others. Build your confidence and jump right into phone banking!

    What will we do:

    • The first hour will be devoted to training participants on the in’s and out’s of phone banking.
    • The second hour will be focused on practice

    Tu May 24, 7-9pm Japan time 

    Rsvp to get the webex link! 

    May 24, 2022 at 7:00pm
    Google map and directions
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    Maine State Team Kickoff Event

    Maine Voters Abroad invites all DA members voting in Maine and all our friends in the DA family to join a very special State of the Race Maine 2022 event on June 1st! We'll address what Maine voters abroad need to know to cast their ballots this fall, what's at stake in Maine races this fall and what we can all learn from Maine's four years of experience with ranked-choice voting. We have lined up a wicked good panel to break all this down for us and to respond to your questions, featuring:
    • Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows
    • Maine Democratic Party Chair Drew Gattine
    • Portland Press Herald columnist Bill Nemitz 
    "As Maine goes, so goes the nation," so be sure to join us to get the inside scoop on Maine races this fall. 
    RSVP today for this special event on Wednesday June 1st at 1pm EDT | 7pm CEST. Hope to see you there! 
    Want to get involved? We need volunteers to help organize and run this event and plan more great Maine events in the months ahead! RSVP here for meeting of Maine Voters Abroad on Tuesday, May 17th at 1pm EDT | 7pm CEST
    Questions? Get in touch at [email protected]. See you there! 
    June 01, 2022 at 1:00pm
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    Help DA Update Its Website!

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    Having a strong digital presence will be more important than ever for finding and mobilizing voters abroad for critical races in 2022. That’s why Democrats Abroad has prioritized redesigning its website ( in Spring 2022.

    At the top of the to-do list is making our website more engaging, accessible, and user-friendly -- something we know needs to be done, but which comes with a price tag of $30,000. Please help us in this longer-term investment so that we can better attract and support our online visitors -- and in turn convert site visits into activism and votes.

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  • Gender Inequality Causes Poverty

    Professor Linda Scott’s latest article, “Gender Inequality Causes Poverty”, makes the case that gender inequality is one of the major causes of poverty around the world. She contends that specific gender barriers form a complex, interlocking system of economic exclusion that keep women dependent and suffering additional constraints such as domestic violence, food insecurity and inadequate access to healthcare. Her April 13th talk with the GWC showed the strong relationship between rising gender equality and improved national prosperity.

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  • Democrats Tackle the Pandemic’s Devastating Economic Impact on Women

    The devastating economic hit taken by working women during the Covid recession (hence the new term: “she-session”) is severe. Female participation in the U.S. workforce has dropped to 57%, the lowest level in 30 years. Over 4 million women have left the labor force, disproportionately represented in the hardest-hit industries: hospitality and leisure, education and health service.  

    Many of those still working have faced reduced income since women working part-time are more likely to have shorter hours or be on zero-hour contracts. In addition women bear an increased burden of care for children, exacerbated by school closures, and for family members falling ill. Restrictions of movement have resulted in increased incidents of domestic violence and has limited access to reproductive healthcare.  Academics estimate women have lost years of progress in the workforce in the last 12 months.   

    There is good news since the election of President Biden and Vice-President Harris - beyond the vastly increased rate of vaccinations. Democrats have started taking action to reverse these negative trends for women, and Legislators in Congress and policy specialists in the White House have been working on several fronts:

    • President Biden nominated six women members to his Cabinet, including Janet Yellen, as the first woman Secretary of the Treasury and Marcia Fudge, the first Black woman Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Academic research has shown women in leadership positions will bring priorities and issues to the discussion that have otherwise been ignored. As Senator Warren said, “If you don't have a seat at the table, you're probably on the menu.”  These senior appointments have demonstrated the importance this administration places on the principles of gender diversity and inclusion.
    • Through the economic impact payments and expansion of the Child Tax Credit, the American Rescue Act will immediately benefit women and their families. Of major importance for women, the bill includes significant funds to address the crisis in child care facilities around the country. And, as we all know, lack of adequate child care will present a major barrier to women returning to the workforce.
    • The American Rescue Plan provides about $15 billion which will be released by states’ block grants to support families and providers, while an additional $24 billion will go towards a stabilization fund for child care providers to cover a range of expenses.
      • Reliable child care provisions are finally being recognized as the critical part of American infrastructure that they are, freeing women to re-enter the workforce. This major investment also represents a significant step in bringing more equitable and affordable access to child care for families in poverty and communities of color.
    • On March 8, 2021, the Biden-Harris administration created a new government entity to advance women’s rights: the White House Gender Policy Council. It will establish a government-wide focus on “…gender equity and equal rights and opportunity for women and girls.” Unlike previous Democratic administrations, this Council will be well-staffed with the two co-chairs reporting directly to the President. Every Cabinet member will participate.  And a specific goal is “…Increasing economic security and opportunity by addressing the structural barriers to women’s participation in the labor force…”
    • In December, 2020,  the House Democratic Women’s Caucus wrote an 8-page letter to President-Elect Biden and Vice President-Elect Harris listing over 60 areas that executive actions could promote “…a transformative agenda for women and families…” and reverse the damage done by the outgoing administration. It sets a framework for an impressive range of actions to reverse the depredations of the Trump administration’s attack on federal support for a range of gender equity regulations. 

    Here at Democrats Abroad, the Global Women’s Caucus is thrilled with the many steps Democrats are taking to advance the agenda of women’s economic well-being and reverse the impact of this pandemic. The DA 2020 Platform contains a range of similar economic policy recommendations to advance gender parity, and we look forward to engaging DA members to advance these policies over the coming months with our Democratic colleagues in Washington, DC. For more information on our initiative, visit:

  • The ERA Is Needed More Than Ever in 2021!

    In September 1966, I started college at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, only learning there was a quota in place (8 males/1 female) when I got there. Four years later there were still quotas at law schools.  I did get in (in a class of 200 men and 25 women), faced discrimination when job-hunting and found the time-honored solution of work in the federal government.  Living in New York City, Bella Abzug was my Congresswoman and the second wave of the feminist movement was in full swing.  Naively I believed the tide was turning and, in fact, I benefitted from other women’s battles:  Chase Manhattan Bank had been sued for sex discrimination in the early ‘70’s and reached a settlement, so I was welcomed with open arms when I applied in London in 1977. 

    Good assignments and promotions came in line with my male colleagues until I returned to work after my first child and a three-month maternity leave.  My boss called me into his office, said he was glad to have me back, but I was not going to get a pay review due in the next month.  He wanted to see at least six months’ performance as confirmation that I was still “committed” to my job.  I loved the job, was fortunate to have a healthy baby, a supportive husband and an excellent nanny, so I “put up and shut up.” 

    Later in my financial career there were more instances of discrimination in both pay and promotion, but the work was engaging and I conveniently bought into the story that women were moving towards pay equality and into leadership positions.  Fast forward to 2021 and the global gender data shows equality has not happened anywhere in the world. 

    Even worse, the Covid pandemic has brought into sharp relief the expectation that women will sacrifice their work and careers to pick up the unpaid burden of caring for children and older relations.  In the United States this is aggravated by the failure to provide adequate child and elder care.  Many women are paying the well-documented “motherhood penalty”, where employers tend to deny women pay increases, promotions, and  important assignments, and single them out for cutbacks and layoffs.   

    The ERA is critical as the legal basis to continue the fight for gender equality. Moving toward parity in leadership will also help end a culture of systemic misogyny, where some men (too many of those in power) continue to belittle women’s contribution to economic prosperity and well-being.   Data now shows that, as richer countries improve women’s status on the scale towards economic equality, their increased contribution significantly improves the countries’ economic growth and well-being.  I will reiterate:  there is no country yet where women have gender pay parity.  This is strong evidence that this inequality is systemic.  For American women the barriers are formidable, and the timing is critical as the pandemic ends: the ERA will give substantial legal support to the case for parity as women return to the American workforce in the next 12 – 18 months.    WE NEED THE ERA NOW!!!  

    Carol Moore, live in London, vote in Florida.

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