Caucus Volunteers Needed


AAPI Caucus: 

  • Social Media Team
  • Writers and Editors for Issues and current events!
  • Events Planning
  • Asia Pacific and Americas volunteers

Black Caucus:

  • All hands on deck!!
  • Engagement, Press / Media Relations, Communications, Reparations, Fundraising, Networking and GOTV team members needed.

Disability Caucus:

  • Steering Committee Members!
  • Team members for social media, communications, policy and so much more.
  • The Global Disability Caucus (GDC) Accessibility Coordinator will lead one of our top priority projects.  Our goal is to assess the experience of being a member of Democrats Abroad and identify potential issues for persons with disabilities.  Then fix them and train/help people to use them.
    Please contact us at [email protected]  

Veterans and Military Families Caucus:

  • Social Media Team
  • Events Team
  • Membership Engagement
  • Regional Representatives (AP, Americas, Middle East / Africa)

Women's Caucus

Women face many pressing issues all over the world.

The Global Women's Caucus works to address as many issues as possible. Through participation in our caucus activities, you too can help us make a difference for women. Our teams are currently focused on the issues and actions listed below. 

Communications & Outreach:  We need volunteers in all areas, of communication & outreach, social media, graphic designers, and country committee engagement. 

Economic Empowerment:  The Women's Economic Empowerment Initiative advocates for women’s economic well-being and women in leadership. Currently seeking TEAM LEAD(s).

Equal Rights Task Force:  The US constitution still does not have equal rights guaranteed based on sex. The ERA ratification would change that. 

Reproductive Justice:  This team promotes access to quality reproductive health care services.

Violence Against Women:  This team deal with issues related to gender-based violence, & advocate for legislation to end violence. Currently seeking TEAM LEAD(s).

Hispanic Caucus


  • ¿Hablas Español? We are looking for bilingual phone-bankers for the special election in Florida!!

LGBTQ+ Caucus:

  • Are you in Asia Pacific?  Get in touch and join our steering committee!
  • Social Media Team