Caucus Volunteers Needed


AAPI Caucus: 

  • Social Media Team
  • Writers and Editors for Issues and current events!
  • Events Planning
  • Asia Pacific and Americas volunteers

Black Caucus:

  • All hands on deck!!
  • Engagement, Press / Media Relations, Communications, Reparations, Fundraising, Networking and GOTV team members needed.

Disability Caucus:

  • Steering Committee Members!
  • Team members for social media, communications, policy and so much more.
  • The Global Disability Caucus (GDC) Accessibility Coordinator will lead one of our top priority projects.  Our goal is to assess the experience of being a member of Democrats Abroad and identify potential issues for persons with disabilities.  Then fix them and train/help people to use them.

    Our minimum standard will be ADA compliance, however, we seek to break down as many barriers to involvement for DA members as possible and will work to exceed these standards, when feasible, to ensure optimal results.

    The GDC Accessibility Coordinator should be an excellent project manager with experience, if possible, working within a matrixed organization.  The project will require: 

    1. Commitment to helping DA, the Democratic Party, and Democratic candidates succeed;
    2. Member of Democrats Abroad (join here);
    3. Exceptional organizational skills;
    4. Comfort level working with lots of different people focused on a tremendous variety of priorities;
    5. Ability to be presented with multiple solutions for a particular problem and to assess the best option - having sought counsel from experts
    6. Comfort level with technology;
    7. Experience developing project plans including implementation details and to lead the team to carry through with the recommended actions;
    8. Ability to collaborate on necessary communications and training support for the project;
    9. Ability to work both independently and collaboratively in a global setting;
    10. Patience, commitment to see the project through, willingness to learn the nuances of a myriad of disabilities and associated needs and sensitivity to issues of language and privacy;
    11. Time commitment: approximately 2-3 hours/week 
    12. Application Process

    Please contact us at [email protected]  

Veterans and Military Families Caucus:

  • Social Media Team
  • Events Team
  • Membership Engagement
  • Regional Representatives (AP, Americas, Middle East / Africa)

Hispanic Caucus


  • ¿Hablas Español? We are looking for bilingual phone-bankers for the special election in Florida!!

LGBTQ+ Caucus:

  • Are you in Asia Pacific?  Get in touch and join our steering committee!
  • Social Media Team