May 08, 2017

DA on the Trumpcare Vote

DA stands with all Americans who see quality affordable healthcare for everyone as a basic right.

“We are appalled and outraged at the callous disregard for human life shown by the Republican members of the House of Representatives in passing the AHCA. In a purely partisan vote, Republicans have put healthcare at risk for millions of people” states Katie Solon, Democrats Abroad International Chair.

“This legislation was rushed through, there were no hearings, there was no scoring from the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office to show the consequences and true cost of the law.” 

“There are nine million Americans living abroad and most have experienced the benefits of universal healthcare. For those Americans and their families with pre-existing conditions, final passage of this legislation could preclude their move back to the United States.”

“Democrats Abroad will continue our efforts to demand quality affordable healthcare, will follow the debate as it now moves to the Senate, will continue to call and write Congress and we will hold the Trump Administration accountable to protect its citizens.”