August 30, 2023

DAA August '23 Newsletter

Calendar It: September 6

Share your summer adventures with fellow Alicante chapter members at El Cookie on Wednesday, September 6 at 7 p.m. and renew acquaintances after a long, hot summer. El Cookie is operated by members Alicia and Sean, who will close the shop early to accommodate our gathering.

If you've never been, El Cookie offers a changing menu of the most creative cookies, pastries and cakes you’ll find – and the coffee is excellent as well.

El Cookie. Calle Poeta Quintana 27 (near the Luceros tram station)

WhatsApp: +34 661 24 39 15

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Eye on the Candidates

Name recognition is very important, especially in Congressional House and other down ballot races. Starting this month, our newsletter will share the names and some introductory information about Democratic candidates who have declared their candidacy for 2024. These are not endorsements, which cannot be made until after the primaries. Rather, these are candidates who have caught our eye as being interesting and inspiring. If you agree after reading about them, please discuss with other Democrats and especially if you know anyone who votes in the district or state they are running in and get people talking about them

Adam Frisch has declared his candidacy in Colorado's 3rd district – the seat currently held by Lauren Boebert, poster child for the MAGA movement, gun fanatics and worse.

Frisch ran in 2022 and, despite being unknown and in a race all but ignored by the media because it was considered a safe Republican district, Frisch came within 550 votes of victory. The election was the closest of any national-level races in the election cycle: Boebert’s margin of victory was only 0.07 percent.

Frisch is no longer an unknown, and Democrats will be eager to send the incumbent packing. 

Learn more about Adam Frisch: and


Drill Down

Democrats Abroad does a terrific job of mobilizing expats to take political action through the work of regional, country, and local chapter organizations. Arguably, however, the most interesting and productive policy development work is performed by caucuses.

Democrats Abroad is supported by caucuses devoted to a range of interests including progressives, seniors, women, LGTBQ+, veterans and others. If you are passionate about an issue, chances are that there is a DA global caucus that shares that passion and acts to move the agenda forward within the DA organization. Many global caucuses have regional- and country-level analogs as well, enabling activity on a local stage.

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