December 18, 2023

DA France November Newsletter

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In this edition:

  • Democrats and abortion rights win big! 
  • News That *Didn't* Make Headlines column debuts
  • Gearing up for 2024
  • Global Presidential Primary this spring
  • Investment strategy for Americans in France
  • Funding the fight

Abortion on the Ballot = Wins!

Tuesday's elections reinforced what we knew from 2022: Abortion access and rights are human rights that drive voters to the polls.

  • Ohio voters overwhelmingly voted to legalize abortion, despite the Republican legislature’s August attempt to thwart direct democracy and their misleading summary of the question. Since the overturn of Roe, Republicans have accelerated their attacks on direct democracy across the US because they know their agenda is wildly unpopular.
  • Democrat Andy Beshear was re-elected governor in deep-red Kentucky, campaigning largely on his steadfast support for abortion access and pointing out his opponent’s support of giving rapists more rights than their victims and banning contraception.
  • In Virginia, Democrats now control both legislative bodies after reminding voters the GOP governor said he’d ban abortion if Republicans gained control of the divided legislature. 
  • Judge Dan McCaffery won an open seat on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court (a 5-2 Dem majority), with abortion rights being a major campaign theme.

News That *Didn't* Make Headlines column debuts

We're thrilled to announce that we'll be writing a monthly column to comprehensively catalogue the many important but under-reported developments affecting our climate, social justice, voting rights, and other key issues. 

These columns will appear on our website, with a link and intro to each column in our enewsletters. We know you'll learn a lot (quite frankly, some mind-blowing info), so without further ado, we invite you to peruse our first column, covering transportation wins, voter suppression, and the broad and damaging work GOP Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves is up to.

Global Presidential Primary 

Every four years, Democrats Abroad holds our own Global Presidential Primary so you can vote for the presidential primary candidate of your choice. For the presidential primary only, our members may vote in either their home states or in DA’s global primary. Our votes have more impact if we vote in DA’s Global Presidential Primary than in our home states. It makes us more of a powerhouse, raising our profile so we can get more done for our members. If you vote in DA’s Global Presidential Primary, you can still vote in your home state for the other primary races: Just leave the presidential race blank on that ballot. Stay tuned for more information on this!

Recording of Investment Strategy Webinar

On October 24, we held a special online event with international investment expert Robert Levitt, CFA, covering the basics of investing for Americans living in France. If you missed the session, you can purchase the recording for $10. 100% of proceeds will go to helping Democrats Abroad get out the vote in 2024. 

The number of Americans moving to France has tripled since 2020, many in the last 12 months. Many of them are likely Democrats, who will need help figuring out how to vote from abroad. France already has vast untapped potential, and this recent trend is an enormous opportunity that could be the key to big wins in 2024, but ONLY if we find these new residents and help them vote! To do this, DA France will need resources. We’ll spend funds on advertising, textbanking, printed materials like mailers, and outreach in areas where we’re not yet present. 

We’re a 100% volunteer-run organization funded by donations: Your gift goes not to salaries but to the nitty-gritty work of finding and helping Democrats. To donate to DA France, please click here. To donate 50% to DA France and 50% to Democrats Abroad (the global organization, who pays for our website, phonebanking, and many operational costs), please click here. Please consider donating on a monthly basis (as a sustaining donor) – these donations help us immensely as they allow us to budget for the future. 
We’re very grateful for your donation! 

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