December 12, 2020

Nominations Are Open for the Executive Committee of DA Vancouver's Board

Democrats Abroad Vancouver (DA-Van) will be electing a new Executive Committee of the Board of DA Vancouver at our January 24, 2021 Annual General Meeting which will be held on Zoom this year. With a Democratic president and administration coming in January 2021, it will be an exciting time to serve on the board and lend a voice to them. The time to act is now!

Nominations should be sent to [email protected] and received by midnight, December 31, 2020. Note that nominations may be made from the floor at the AGM in the event there is no nomination for a position.

To nominate yourself or others, please include an accompanying letter of no more than 500 words stating the nominee's qualifications, experience, and the reason for seeking the office. In addition, the letter must include a confirmation from the nominee that they are: (1) a bona fide US citizen residing in Canada; (2) a member of Democrats Abroad and of the DA-Van chapter; and that (3) they will adhere to the principles of the Democratic Party of the United States and Democrats Abroad.

Here are brief descriptions of the positions as laid out in the DA-Van bylaws. (Click on "read more".)



The Chair shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the association, shall call and preside at all general meetings of members as well as of the Executive Committee and shall have responsibility for all activities approved by the organization. The Chair represents and is the spokesperson for DA-Van. The Chair may designate and remove additional spokesperson or spokespersons at their discretion. The Chair has full access to necessary documentation, including but not limited to minutes of all meetings, and all files and administrative records of the organization, including financial statements.

Vice Chair

In the absence of the Chair, the Vice Chair shall call and preside at general meetings of members and of the Executive Committee, with a vote on the Executive Committee. The Vice Chair shall work with the Chair to ensure that all responsibilities approved by and on behalf of the organization are supervised and executed appropriately. The Vice Chair shall have the same powers as the Chair insofar as meetings are concerned and where the Chair is not present. Where designated by the Chair, the Vice Chair may act in the Chair’s stead in other matters. The Vice Chair automatically becomes Chair in the event of the loss of the Chair.

The Vice Chair shall be opposite in gender to the Chair.

General Secretary

The General Secretary shall record and file minutes of all meetings and shall keep all such files and administrative records of the organization. Minutes of all meetings shall be sent to the Executive Committee once forwarded to the Chair and / or Vice Chair (in instances of absence by the Chair). At the next regular meeting of the Executive Committee, Executive members will accept the Minutes either as presented or amended, subject to quorum requirements.


The Treasurer shall manage the finances of the chapter, create and maintain financial reports, manage the DA-Van bank account, and maintain such financial reports as may be required by law. The Treasurer and Chair have signing authority for the DAC-V bank account. The Treasurer shall prepare and present to the Annual General Meeting of DA-Van a yearly Statement of Income and Expenses.

Community Outreach Secretary

The Development and Community Outreach Secretary plans and hosts the three DA-Van standing social events - Thanksgiving (fall), AGM (winter) and Fourth of July (summer), and any other social events of DA-Van. The Development and Community Outreach Secretary also develops relationships in the wider community beyond Democrats Abroad Vancouver, such as developing service projects in the local community. The Development and Community Outreach Secretary may form and head a committee of members interested in volunteering for social and outreach events pertaining to Democrats Abroad.

Policy Secretary

The Policy Secretary advises the general membership, through the Executive Committee, on US policy matters from our unique perspective as Americans abroad. The Policy Secretary also recommends opportunities for general membership to participate in U.S. policy-related discussions and activities. The Policy Secretary may form and head a committee of members interested in volunteering for policy pertaining to Democrats Abroad.

Communications Secretary

The Communications Secretary holds full responsibility for strategy and execution of all media contact, plus advertising, and reporting through its Committee Chair to the Executive Committee, who must ratify any strategies executed. The Communications Secretary may form and head a committee of members interested in volunteering for communications pertaining to Democrats Abroad.


Any questions regarding these elections should be directed to the Chair of DA Vancouver.