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DA Vancouver (DA-V) is a chapter of DA Canada, the official country committee for US Democrats living in Canada.

We are helping voters to register, phoning voters, and helping to inform some of the 75,000 Americans in Vancouver and around BC.

MSNBC American voters in Canada 2016

In 2016, 23% of Americans living abroad did not vote due to feeling disengaged with the U.S. and their local communities. The world is engaged watching the tragic way COVID has been handled and with the scenes of racial injustice happening on the streets of the U.S. - it is not an acceptable response in 2020 to say you're disengaged!

  • If you file your 1040s, FBARs & FATCAs with the IRS but don't exercise your constitutional right to vote, you are agreeing to taxation without representation.
  • If you want to put an end to Citizenship Based Taxation, it's going to take your vote to retain the House and secure the Senate.
  • If you vote from NY stop presuming your vote isn't needed - how often has the NY State Assembly been controlled by the R's?
  • If you wish to see racial & social justice in our communities you must vote as far down-ballot as permissible.
  • If all registered Florida voters living in Canada in 2000 had voted, they could've changed the outcome of the election.

Hundreds of American citizen volunteers across Canada are working to educate all eligible U.S. voters on their right to vote and how to get their ballots to vote in every election. That includes Canadians who were born in the U.S. and those born in Canada to an American parent(s), who therefore have the right to vote. Americans living in Canada CAN deliver the difference in close elections.

Go to today to register for your ballot.

Past DA-V events include the Women's Marches and March for Our Lives at Jack Poole Plaza, Fourth of July picnics, Thanksgiving dinners, US tax seminars, voter registration events, and pub nights.

Please check our Events page and News page for more information about these events as well as notices of future events.

We also post voter and event information as well as current political news in America on social media. Please follow our Facebook page and SHARE the information!

If you have questions or would like to help with Democrats Abroad in Vancouver, please contact the chapter chair.

Democratically yours,

Susan Brennan, Chapter Chair
Democrats Abroad - Vancouver

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DA Vancouver Leadership:

Susan Brennan
| Vancouver Chapter Chair / DACA Membership Secretary / DPCA Voting Rep
Pat Fournier
| Chapter Treasurer
David Hoyt
| Vancouver Chapter Recording Secretary / DPCA Voting Rep
Bob Petrusa
| Vancouver Chapter Vice-Chair / DPCA Voting Rep
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    Submitting your sealed ballot to the U.S. Consulate:  We'd be happy to accept your sealed voting ballot! Once it is received, we will send it to election officials via diplomatic pouch. Please note that it may be faster for you to mail your ballot directly to election officials using the appropriate postage and the fastest method of mailing available. 

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    Pajama Jam Special Virtual Meetings: Sundays at 5 p.m. PDT

    You are invited to our Pajama Jam virtual meeting, a series of weekly online get-togethers for Democrats Abroad Canada members (and friends) that feature a unique theme each session (like Trivia Night and Book Club), as well a recurring “open mic” segment.

    Pajama Jam is hosted through Better Connections, a virtual campaign that provides Americans in Canada with casual outlets to talk about politics and defeating Republicans and Trump.

    June 21, 5pm PT. Movie Night: Dave Chappelle's "8:46". The special is 27 minutes long and is available for free on YouTube. We'll watch it on Zoom, but you can watch it independently and join in on the discussion afterwards.

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