Shocked, sad, scared, determined..

Hit the Ground Running by Malaika Kusumi

Shocked, sad, scared, determined: just a few of the one-word responses to the Academy Award documentary nominee Dorothy Fadiman’s and Emmy/ Peabody documentary winner Susan Koch’s documentary films When Abortion was Illegal: Untold Stories and Roe at Risk, shown at the DAG Women’s Caucus meeting held on March 27. 

The intimate discussion rounds between participants underlined and amplified horrifying realities:  eradication of abortion rights is just the tip of the iceberg setting a dangerous precedent to the loss of other human rights, it is a human issue not a female issue. The common consensus reached: we have to act; we have to do something, and every little contribution has a tremendous impact. 

To this end the women’s caucus is asking for everyone’s support. Make a short 1–2-minute video about why these rights must be protected, your views on the topic or your experiences. You do not have to be a woman to participate as this affects us all. There are many tiny actions you can take. 

March is over but the fight has just begun. Check out the global women caucus YouTube contribution, give it a like and share it on your media platforms. You can sign up for June 18 women’s hybrid event (live in Paris) bring some friends …again non-gender based! Everyone is welcome and everyone is needed. 

Over 29 states now restrict or outlaw abortions. Put a stop to the madness. Defend our democracy. Stop accepting things that you think you can’t change and start changing things that you cannot accept. 

Hit the Ground Running : Stepping up to the Plate


Hit the Ground Running : Malaika Kusumi

Stepping up to the Plate: Currently the DAG Women’s Caucus (DAGWC) is enthusiastically underway with the Women’s Global Caucus in preparation for the National Women's History Alliance's theme of Women's History Month 2022: Providing Healing, Promoting Hope. 

The event will be on Sunday, March 27th at 5 p.m. and will focus on the topic of reproductive rights: where we were, where we are, where we want to be and what we can do! Reproductive rights are hanging in the balance, losing those is only the tip of the iceberg. 

The DAG Women’s Caucus will initiate Project 3-I  Outreach:Inform, Inspire, Involve as a pre-June event promotional activity. In honor of Women’s month  a virtual presentation of Forgotten Women, Women We Should Know and Women We Can’t Forget will be presented to the Middle Hessen Precinct on March 14. 

The DAGWC plans to visit as many German chapters as possible with the high hopes of engaging women and their talents for the June Anniversary celebration.  Please reach out to [email protected] to set a date for our visit to your chapter.  And don’t forget to RSVP for the March 27th event!

We are good, but together we are better.

Welcome to the DAG Women's Caucus Webpage

DAG Women's Caucus Mission is to build and maintain a community where women (and men) learn about issues important to American Women in Germany.

The caucus will work to amplify intersectional voices, educating our members about the lived experiences of women abroad. The overarching goal of the DAG Women’s Caucus is to mobilize voters and be a strong voice on the issues that concern our members.

This space has been created to give you the opportunity to share news, events, and ideas with our members in Germany. We encourage you to provide us with your opinions and suggestions to meet the Germany Women's Caucus’ goal to motivate people to vote and exercise civic responsibility in order to advocate for and empower women and continue to fight for women's rights in the USA and for their communities abroad.

Please reach out to us at [email protected].

Hit the Ground Running

Hit the Ground Running

By, Malaika Kusumi

Following the new leadership direction for caucuses from chair to team, the DAG Women’s Caucus hit the ground running with the formation of their 2022 team: Beverly Seebach (Wiesbaden/Mainz), Emily Charles  (Wiesbaden/Mainz), Uli Gersiek (Berlin), Malaika Kusumi (Frankfurt).

The DA “Together We Can Defend Democracy” postcard initiative set the theme for the meeting and Know what to do in 2022 was at the heart of the discussion, which included the review of the DAG Women’s Mission, Goals, and Pillars of Work (ACE: Activism, Community, and Education).

As part of the Caucuses with a Cause initiative, the DAG Women’s Caucus will select quarterly and act upon a cause/platform that impacts each Caucus across the board (e.g., health care, voter suppression, racism, climate) – to create awareness, activism, education, and engagement. 

The  Q1 2022 proposed common cause focuses on three major issues of health care: 1) environmental impact on health, 2) prejudice within the healthcare system, 3) cultural and language barriers that impact proper healthcare.

The next meeting is scheduled for (Thu) February 10, 19:00-21:00 for those interested in joining. 

Anyone interested in joining the leadership team or volunteering please send an email to: [email protected]