January News and Upcoming Events

The new year is upon us, and since this is an important election year, now is the time to meet up, mobilize, and work with other Americans to help attain a blue wave during this year’s elections.

The DAG Frankfurt Chapter provides a space for you to meet to all of this, and more!  You can meet your compatriots, discuss and debate the issues of the day, and to volunteer to help elect Democrats to change our country for the better.

Join us!

Upcoming Events:

Frankfurt Chapter Meetings:

  - Vote from Abroad Info Stand, January 18th

  - Gießen - Meet and Greet, beginning February, Date TBA

  - DA Germany Annual General Meeting, January 24-26th in Munich

A Message from the Frankfurt Chapter Chair

2020 is the year of “The Power of One Vote.” (Thank you, Derek Bembry for our motto.)

If each of us helped another American to vote, and each of them encouraged another American to apply for their absentee ballot (and so on), you can imagine the impact. So, keep those Vote from Abroad cards handy, take a shift at a Vote from Abroad stand, phone our members to remind them to vote--  the list of how you can make an impact goes on.

The Frankfurt Chapter team wishes you all a happy New Year. It will be even happier when we restore the White House and Congress to a more workable democracy.

Thanks for being part of the Power,
Barb Chap

* * *

Upcoming Events: Bring an American With You…

Vote From Abroad Info Stand, Saturday, January 18th 12pm to 4pm
Hauptwache, Zeil corner of Liebfrauenstraße

Take an hour shift, meet lots of nice people, provide information and help them request an absentee ballot.

Would you prefer to be in the background? You can still join in the fun. T-shirts and hoodie jackets are available for us to raise donations. And you could bake some Cookies for Cash.

An info stand a month? Certainly, at bigger events. At the markets? In other cities? It’s just a matter of how many active members can initiate and participate.

Gießen Meet and Greet: Saturday, February 1st or 8th TBA

700+ Americans live in the Gießen/Marburg area, and the enthusiastic members there are forming a group to get to know one another and to take an active part in encouraging Americans to vote. Exact details will come soon. Thanks for your patience.

Planned Meet and Greet Events in other Chapter cities:

We want our DAG Frankfurt members – no matter where they live - to have the opportunity to meet one another, discuss, and make a difference in 2020. Plans are also underway for get-togethers around Epstein, Bad Homburg and Aschaffenburg.

If you live outside of Frankfurt proper, you can help us to find the right location, and we will contact the people around you. We need everyone’s vote in 2020 to put Democrats in office! Email: frankfurt@democratsabroad.de

Future Frankfurt Activities and Meetings:

  • February 13th - Chapter Meeting
  • March 3rd and 7th - Global President Primary polling. Please, consider being part of the teams led by Stacey and Carl.
  • March 12th - Chapter meeting. How does the candidate field look now?
  • March, date TBA: Potluck, fun social with serious discussion. 

Other Democrats Abroad Events:

DA Germany Annual Meeting: January 24-26th 

In Munich. This will be a critical time for our Get out the Vote effort, and we need all hands on deck!  More information and registration here.

 Get Involved with DAG Frankfurt!

Our Vote from Abroad public activities are limited only by the number of volunteers we have. You can make a difference in many ways – large or small – to help Democrats win the Presidential, Congressional, and state elections in 2020. Come to a meeting and/or become a volunteer. Short on time? Please think about contributing. DA runs totally on donations.

Or contact Barb Chap, Chapter Chair, directly if you have an idea, want to learn more about the Frankfurt Chapter, or be part of the Frankfurt organizational team: frankfurt@democratsabroad.de

Thank you for reading, and we hope to see you soon.