April 24, 2016

Delegate Candidates On Target to Reach Affirmative Action Targets

Twenty-one members of Democrats Abroad will represent our "state" party as delegates at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia in in July. Democrats Abroad has set ambitious affirmative-action goals to ensure that our delegation represents the diversity of our constituency.  


Our Global Convention and Caucuses to elect delegates will be held in Berlin from May 12-15, but based on our candidate breakdown we are well on our way to having a representative delegation.

300 members put their names forward to run to be a delegate pledged to either Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton. 57% of the candidates are male and 43% are female.  201 candidates also self-identified as filling one or more of our affirmative action goals. This is the breakdown by candidate:

Delegate Candidates Breakdown for Bernie Sanders

Gender Balance
Male 58%
Female 42%
Total 100%


Affirmative Action Details
African American 8%
Asian American and Pacific Islander 10%
Hispanic 8%
Youth (36 and Under) 50%
Person with Disabilities 6%
LGBT 14%
Native American 3%


Delegate Candidate Breakdown for Hillary Clinton

Gender Balance
Male 55%
Female 45%
Total 100%



Affirmative Action Details
African American 9%
Asian American and Pacific Islander 12%
Hispanic 10%
Youth (36 and Under) 29%
Person with Disabilities 7%
LGBT 24%
Native American 5%