Democrats Abroad supports the Paris Accord

Democrats Abroad reaffirms its support for the Paris Accord and urges President Trump to remain committed to the Agreement.

“As Americans living abroad, we see climate change as an issue that demands our urgent attention,” said Julia Bryan, International Chair, Democrats Abroad. “Our members are not only Americans but also global citizens, and we believe that the U.S. can and should take a leadership role in preventing climate change. Committing to the Paris Accord is a critical step in that leadership.”

Earlier this year, Democrats participated in science and climate change marches around the world. The issue of climate change was also a key focus in the 2016 Democrats Abroad Party Platform, which received thousands of contributions with vetting from industry experts. Members voiced their concerns related to greenhouse gasses and carbon emissions, as well as long term security threats such as food and water scarcity, and public health and security issues.

The platform was ratified by 97% of electors, who urged the US government to address this pressing issue before it is too late.