Diversity, the inclusion and acceptance of people with different backgrounds, is an issue that dominates today's headlines and social justice debate. While diversity is not a new concept, there have always been those who resisted the ideas of inclusion and acceptance. But these people won’t stop OUR Party. We Democrats will continue fighting against the status quo to make our communities more inclusive and to learn from each other, moving forward – together – as a society. This idea carries on today, and we see this fight in today's debates about affirmative action, cultural diversity, sexuality, criminal justice reform and race. There is always work to be done, always progress and advancements to be made – and misunderstanding, intolerance, bigotry and hatred to fight. The Affirmative Action Committee will continue to do this work, make these advancements, and fight against these injustices. We are working for more acceptance, inclusion, understanding, and learning – within our Party, and within society.

Diversity is our business:  The “Affirmative Action Committee” is the name our team was given by the DNC, in our initial work to increase the diversity of our delegation to the  Democratic National Convention in 2016. Every state party has one, including Democrats Abroad. After the 2016 Convention in Philadelphia the "Diversity and Inclusion Taskforce” has worked to increase the participation of “minorities” and the overall diversity of DA leadership worldwide. Click here to read about our committee members.

Black Caucus: Our newest caucus, the Black caucus is working on growing membership and raising awareness among people of color who live abroad to empower them to get out and vote, both this year and next. Join today!

Hispanic Caucus: The Hispanic Caucus concentrates on Spanish language voter outreach as well as engaging US Hispanic voters. If you are interested in joining, please contact the caucus at HispanicCaucus@democratsabroad.org 

LGBT Caucus: LGBT Americans living overseas are active in all levels of leadership throughout DA. Many committees organize groups to participate in local Gay Pride marches, including info stands and voter registration booths. If you are interested, please contact the caucus at lgbt@democratsabroad.org

Women’s Caucus: The Women's Caucus is an active group with members all around the world. The caucus meets online regularly and run fundraisers, awareness workshops, and other activities. They also help promote and encourage country level women's caucus groups. Contact women@democratsabroad.org for more information.

Young Dems: There have always been multiple groups of Young Democrats meeting within Democrats Abroad, from Young Professionals networking within an individual Country Committee to regional groups of Democratic leaders sharing ideas across borders. To find out about the present opportunities, and maybe start something yourself, please contact the DA Global Youth Caucus: youthcaucus@democratsabroad.org