Urge President Biden to Declare a Climate Emergency – Sign this Petition


Please join Democrats Abroad in signing our petition to President Biden to declare climate change an emergency. 

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In the U.S. alone, wildfires have devasted Maui with historic casualties, a tropical storm made landfall in California for the first time in 84 years, smoke from fires across Canada are choking U.S. cities, waters off the coast of Florida that hit 100°F degrees blanched coral reefs, global temperatures have reached record highs…and hurricane season has hardly begun.

We urge President Biden to declare a National Climate Emergency NOW under the National Emergencies Act,  unlocking key statutory powers such as the Defense Production Act and the International Economic Emergency Protection Act.  By this authority, we can strengthen clean energy deployment, prohibit imports of harmful climate products, halt crude oil exports by reinstating a ban that Congress lifted in 2015, and bolster climate resilience, especially in vulnerable communities.

Thank you for getting involved.  



Martha McDevitt-Pugh
International Chair - Democrats Abroad

Dana Freling
Chair, DA Environment & Climate Crisis Council