February 28, 2023

February 2023 Global Black Caucus Newsletter

Message from the Chair

Democrats Abroad Global Black Caucus: Happy Presidents Day

Dear Brothers, Sisters, Allies, and Friends, 

Happy Presidents Day! 

This song from the musical Hamilton is one of my faves – especially the vocals on the lyric of “you and I”. It finishes with a very special, poignant, and gut-wrenching cameo from my favorite President – especially given the moment that it represented in our history.

This song really brings home one of the roots of our Democracy – that it’s not about a person but about a nation. 

It also pulls out of Washington’s speech a unique and special keystone of our nation: we have the freedom to learn and grow from our failures – in pursuit of a more perfect union.


  • Flip the Wisconsin State Supreme Court: On April 4th, there is an election for one WI State Supreme Court seat that, if we win, will flip the court to be Dem-aligned and have a profound effect on not just Wisconsin, but the whole nation! 
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Why Flipping the Wisconsin Supreme Court matters:

  • The CNN article linked above re: gerrymandering provides a great lens on why the political alignment of State Supreme Courts matter. Add to that the recent decisions by State Supreme Courts regarding state constitutional provisions on bodily autonomy and you have two of MANY examples of why these courts are critical for our rights and our democracy.
  • Wisconsin is one of the most gerrymandered states in the Union and, with the very unbalanced Republican state legislature, unlikely to change via electoral efforts to the legislative branch. The Conservative-leaning court has upheld the maps that the gerrymandered legislature has been putting forward.
  • However, if we win this April 4th seat, it flips the court to become a Democratic-leaning court. They can then bring the case back that challenges the current map and, ideally, overturn it and require a new map with fair districts.
  • With a new map, 2024 elections could be on new maps and, given that more than a majority of Wisconsinites vote Democrat, flip a lot of state and federal legislative seats!
  • As Wisconsin goes, so goes the country!

Quick thoughts on Republican Presidential candidates: “Will Donald Trump will be their candidate?”

  • Short answer – I believe so.
  • Longer answer – the structural conditions that led to Donald Trump winning the nomination with about 35% of the primary votes are still in place. While some states do proportional distribution of delegates, many are still winner takes all for Republicans. Thus, the more Republicans run for office, the more likely they are to split the vote and not get enough delegates to get nominated. Trump, however, has a dedicated base within the Republican party who will vote for him come Hell or High Water. Given the egos in the GOP, I can’t imagine them finding a way to elevate one candidate over the others in order to negate the Trump 1/3rd effect.
  • Whether I’m right or wrong, we MUST prepare for a brutal and very close election again. Whoever wins the nomination – Trump, DeSantis, Haley, Pence, Hogan, etc… - will be devastating for our nation and our Democracy. The best way to ensure we win the White House in 2024 so is to, right now, fund and fuel the foundation and infrastructure of the Democratic party so that we continue to improve our organizing efforts, ensure the tech backbone is strong and effective, and that we’re doing everything possible to protect voter’s right. 

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Love and Light,

Leedonal 'Jazz' Moore

• Democrats Abroad Global Black Caucus
• Democrats Abroad Interim Int. Secretary
• DPCA Voting Rep. DACH