March 05, 2016

Global Presidential Primary Continues Around the World

Over 10,000 Americans have cast their ballots | Voting at local sites, and remote voting, continues until March 8 
Over 10,000 Americans have already voted in Democrats Abroad’s Global Presidential Primary, with many more ballots to be cast between now and March 8. 
Unlike voters in the United States, Americans living abroad have the opportunity to vote in the Democrats Abroad primary until March 8th at local polling stations, or by emailing, posting or faxing their ballot. 
The final results of the Global Presidential Primary, including delegate allocations, will not be announced until all ballots are counted on March 21.
The primary, which kicked off at Midnight on Tuesday, March 1 in Wellington, New Zealand, has been the subject of unprecedented interest by the public and the media. 
Voting centers report large numbers of Americans joining at their local voting center, showing proof of identity to volunteers, and casting a ballot. From Prague, Julia Bryan, Chair of Democrats Abroad Czech Republic, reports that their membership numbers have doubled in just a few weeks. 
"We're seeing a lot of interest all around the country. Voters are telling their friends, who are telling their friends - it's a big chain reaction that's exciting to be a part of."
U.S. Democrats in 111 cities, in 39 countries, will take part in the Global Presidential Primary before it runs its course. A full list of voting sites and times can be found at
For more details about the Global Primary, including our delegate allocation, local media contacts and a list of our ‘super delegates’ and their candidate commitments, visit
Photo by Lukas Biba, all rights reserved, Reportér Magazín