Leadership Training - Connect the Dots

A speed networking and leadership development workshop

Always wanted to get involved politically but not sure where to start? Democrats Abroad is a global organization with groups all around the world representing and organizing Americans. Learn how you can have an impact!

The Asian American & Pacific Islander Caucus and the Hispanic Caucus invite you to a speed networking and leadership development workshop. 

The workshop will:

  • Introduce you to the Democrats Abroad organization at its different levels and corresponding leaders,
  • Review the wide variety of volunteer roles available and their commitments in terms of time and responsibility,
  • Clarify and demystify how any member can run for office within Democrats Abroad.

There will be three online sessions, each 1.5 hours, held at a time that is convenient for each region:

Each session will showcase four different Democrats Abroad Leaders, one for each of the Global, Regional, and Country levels, and one from a country without a Country Chapter from the region, interspersed with breakout rooms where you can engage in speed networking and discussions.

AP Speakers:

  • Non-Affiliated leader: Carmelan Polce, Chair Taxation Task Force
  • Regional leader: Samantha Wong, Asia Pacific Deputy Regional Vice-Chair
  • Global leader: John Eastwood, former DNC member

EMEA Speakers:

  • Country-Committee leader: Adrienne Johnson, Chair, UK Black Caucus and former member of the UK Executive Committee
  • Non-Affiliated leader: Elisabeth Myers, Democracy Lead for DA-Morocco
  • Regional leader: Merrill Oates, former Regional Vice-Chair
  • Global leader: Martha McDevitt-Pugh, DNC member, Global LGBT Caucus Co-Chair & Aaron Fishbone, Director Global Communications

Americas Speakers: 

  • Country-Committee leader:Quyen Nguyen, Chair, DA Colombia
  • Non-Affiliated leader: Asha Subas, Chair, Global Election Committee
  • Regional leader: Roz Reymers, Non-Country Committee Coordinator, Americas Region
  • Global leader: Julia Bryan, Global DA Chair

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