Why I Vote From Abroad

I’m a proud Democrat who’s originally from San Francisco, California. Thirty-seven years ago, I married a Mexican citizen, which – like so many of our overseas members – began a chain of events which changed my life. We moved to Guadalajara, Mexico, had three dual-national children, and I became a permanent resident of Mexico. Living abroad has broadened my perspective of world politics and educated me on how other countries view the United States on various issues.

Once I joined Democrats Abroad, I found myself wanting more and more to have a voice in U.S. Elections. I became aware of the necessity for Mexican-American voters to have that same strong voice. Being involved in Democrats Abroad has allowed me to both be politically active on issues important to me and maintain my right as an American citizen to vote back in California.

Now more than ever, I strongly believe it’s necessary for all Americans living outside of the United States to contribute our collective voting voice, along with the millions of Americans within the U.S., to support and elect Democratic candidates who will strengthen our democracy and move our country forward. I vote from abroad because our country needs to dramatically strengthen diplomacy efforts in U.S. foreign policy, take action on combating the climate crisis, and reform our broken immigration system. I will vote in 2020 and encourage all other Americans abroad to request their ballot and send it back as well.