Democratic Incumbents And Fresh Faces In WI-MN-CT-VT On The Road To November Victory

Are you as pumped up about the General Election in November as I am? Democrats from all over the country have churned out some amazing candidates and it’s going to be a refreshing feeling to see them win and retake a Democratic majority in Congress and other offices on the state and local levels.

The Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus has been paying close attention to those candidates who will reflect America’s diversity and best represent Latino communities. Because we’re feeling really good about these Democratic candidates and the values they stand for, we are pleased to endorse the following patriots whose names are in bold fonts.



Tony Evers (challenger to incumbent GOP Gov. Scott Walker) ←This would be a major Democratic victory

U.S. Senate
Tammy Baldwin (INCUMBENT) ←This seat must be defended at all costs

U.S. House of Representatives
WI-1:  Randy Bryce (challenger to open seat)
WI-2:  Mark Pocan (INCUMBENT)
WI-3:  Ron Kind (INCUMBENT)
WI-4:  Gwen Moore (INCUMBENT)
WI-5:  Tom Palzewicz (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner) ←This would be a major Democratic victory
WI-6:  Dan Kohl (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Glenn Grothman)
WI-7:  Margaret Engebretson (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Sean Duffy)
WI-8:  Beau Liegeois (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Mike Gallagher)



Christine Hallquist (challenger to incumbent GOP Gov. Phil Scott) ←This could lead to the election of the nation’s first transgender governor

U.S. Senate
Bernie Sanders (INCUMBENT) ←This seat must be defended at all costs

U.S. House of Representatives
VT (At-Large):  Peter Welch (INCUMBENT)



Ned Lamont (challenger to open seat)

U.S. Senate
Chris Murphy (INCUMBENT) ←This seat must be defended at all costs

U.S. House of Representatives
CT-1:  John Larson (INCUMBENT)
CT-2:  Joe Courtney (INCUMBENT)
CT-3:  Rosa DeLauro (INCUMBENT)
CT-4:  Jim Himes (INCUMBENT)
CT-5:  Jahana Hayes (challenger to open seat) ←This could lead to a major victory with the state’s first non-white Democratic representative elected to Congress



Tim Walz (challenger to open seat)

Attorney General
(no endorsement as of Aug. 15th; subject to change)

U.S. Senate
Amy Klobuchar (INCUMBENT) ←This seat must be defended at all costs

U.S. House of Representatives
MN-1:  Dan Feehan (challenger to open seat)
MN-2:  Angie Craig (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Jason Lewis)
MN-3:  Dean Phillips (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Erik Paulsen)
MN-4:  Betty McCollum (INCUMBENT)
MN-5:  Ilhan Omar (challenger to open seat)
MN-6:  Ian Todd (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Tom Emmer)
MN-7:  Collin Peterson (INCUMBENT)
MN-8:  Joe Radinovich (challenger to open seat)


The above candidates are highly recommended due to them looking out for the best interests of Hispanic-Americans and fulfilling a Democratic agenda. And in case you come across any U.S. expat who’s just woken up from a coma or who’s been living under a rock, please make sure that one of the first things he or she sees is