Solidarity Sundays 31: Democrats Need A Choir



Due to the Covid-19 outbreak and government restrictions, DA Austria has decided to cancel all of our in-person events in order to avoid creating any unnecessary risks for our members, their loved ones, and other vulnerable members of our society. We will, however, hold some of our events online. Please go to our website for details.


The old way to communicate with voters was getting a speech covered by media. Today, politicans think “what’s my Facebook or Instagram play?” Democrats are getting drowned out in the political conversation on social media. After 40 years of hating the media and building an alternate news ecosystem, Republicans are adept at creating content and pushing it onto Facebook. Where does that leave us?

Outgunned by Fox, Breitbart, and 1,000 outlets you’ve never heard of. To persuade voters and win elections, Democrats need to create content and get it to the voters who need to see it. We don’t need fiction over fact – we need a choir to sing the progressive song.

Join Solidarity Sundays on March 29 and learn how to create content and amplify the progressive message within your social media network.

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March 29, 2020 at 4pm - 7pm Vienna Time
Tanya Lolonis · · +436649159573
Lauren Hartlein-Sowa

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