January 17, 2024

Brazil Quarterly Newsletter, Issue I 2024

Make Your Voice Heard in 2024! Vote From Abroad

What better resolution to set in 2024 than actively participating in the democratic process? As a US citizen living abroad one of the most powerful ways to engage
is by voting. An individual act that yields tremendous collective power! 


Why Your Vote Matters: Voters from abroad make a difference numerically in margins of victory

Reflecting on the 2020 elections serves as a powerful reminder of the impact each vote can have. In 2020, President Biden won the state of Georgia with a margin of just over 11,000 votes. This victory was made possible by voters like us, US citizens residing abroad. Our voices mattered then, and they will matter even more in the crucial elections ahead. By making voting a priority, we contribute to shaping the future we want to see.

Make your voting plan to cast your ballot from Brazil:

Start now. Voters must register every calendar year. You must register as an overseas voter, not as an absentee voter. Thus the importance of using a registration site for voters residing abroad.

January: Register to Vote and Request your Ballot

Go to VoteFromAbroad.org and register to vote and request your ballot for 2024. The site walks you clearly through the process. Once you select your voting state, It will walk you through the steps to register and request your 2024 ballot.

Tip: If you are not sure what your US voting state is, click here.

Tip: If your state allows, request your ballot be sent to you via email. This will eliminate the worry of potential local mail problems or strikes.

If you have any questions along the way, or after you have sent in your voter registration, send an email to the volunteer voter support team at [email protected]. You can also check the FAQ Section for answers to common questions.

Click here for more information on what to do after you request your ballot. 

Spotlight on DA Brazil Member Joe S. Weiss: Florida Voter

Image of Joe S Weiss"Voting from abroad and being active in Democrats Abroad allows me to engage with issues that go beyond U.S. borders."

Joe S. Weiss, DA Brazil member and Florida voter, is a retired economist and agronomist whose passion for democracy and global peace continues to shape his active role in politics.

As a lifelong Democrat, Joe has witnessed the shifting tides of Florida's political landscape and remains committed to progressive values. His journey in political activism dates back to the 1960s, where he was active in the civil rights and antiwar movements. Like other Democrats abroad, the experiences from that era have left an indelible mark on his worldview and drive for social justice. Fast forward to the present day, and Joe finds himself deeply concerned about the rightward tilt in his home state of Florida.


Navigating Tax Obligations for US Citizens in Brazil

As the tax season approaches, DA Brazil understands the importance of staying informed on filing obligations for US citizens living in Brazil. In response to member inquiries, DA Brazil is hosting Expat Tax 101: US & Brazilian Taxes, a virtual event scheduled for Thursday, March 14, from 7:00pm to 8:30pm.

Hosted by DA Brazil in partnership with Souto Correa Advogados and Bright!Tax – leading experts in their fields- the event will delve into the specific nuances of tax filing for US citizens residing in Brazil.

For more information and to submit your questions: Expat Tax 101: More Information

RSVP here

Add event to calendar:

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Democrats Abroad Global Presidential Primary - you can vote!

The Democrats Abroad Global Presidential Primary (GPP) will run from March 5th to March 12th, 2024, at voting centers around the world to help select the next Democratic presidential candidate. In Brazil the GPP will take place on March 9th in São Paulo with a second GPP voter assistance event in Rio de Janeiro on March 8th.

Join in this uniquely American opportunity to participate in the civic act of voting in person. Bring your family for a first-hand experience at the polls.

Voting by email or by mail will also be available.

More information about the GPP.

Frequently asked questions about the GPP.

São Paulo GPP: Saturday, March 9, Noon - 6pm, BST

Rio de Janeiro Voter Assistance Event: Friday, March 8, 5pm - 9pm, BST

No RSVP is necessary. Please email [email protected] for venue details.

Democrats Abroad will send delegates, elected at our regional and global conventions, to the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in August 2024, reflecting our primary results.

Volunteer Opportunities - Join us and make a difference in 2024

1. Are you someone with a knack for creativity? Join our Postcard Campaign Team! We're gearing up to send personalized messages to voters on locally produced and colored postcards. Sign up here to be part of this exciting initiative.

2. Are you affiliated with an Alumni Association Chapter in Brazil from a US University or another group of US citizens? An English teacher ? We'd love to collaborate with you and share essential information on voting from abroad with your fellow members.

3. Are you experienced in creative fundraising strategies? Whether it's organizing raffles, seeking sponsorships, or making small fundraising requests, we could use your expertise!

4. Are you skilled in the art of public relations? We're on the lookout for individuals to join our team and help spread the word about voting from abroad in the Brazilian media.

Sign-up here & join the DA Brazil team! Email us at:  [email protected]


Upcoming Events & Happenings

Book Club: Join the DA Brazil Book Club WhatsApp Group for new titles and upcoming meeting dates.

Speaker Series: Resuming in March 2024. If you are interested in speaking to DA Brazil on a relevant subject would would love to hear from you. [email protected].

New! Virtual Political Wine Evening- No agenda, just an informal get together for conversations revolving around the politics of the day. This is a virtual Zoom event so members and DA Friends across Brazil can drop in. Button to add to calendar.

January Political Wine : Wednesday, 24th from 7-8:30pm
Join Zoom Meeting (Meeting ID: 896 7322 2706Passcode: fWSH78)

February Political Wine: Wednesday, 21st , 7-8:30pm
Join Zoom Meeting (Meeting ID: 879 7975 0650 Passcode: r3UFvi)

March Political Wine: Wednesday 27th, 7-8:30pm
Join Zoom Meeting (Meeting ID: 890 2394 3178 Passcode: zYv7Wx)

In case you missed it … you can still catch Congressman Jamie Raskin’s recent event with Democrats Abroad: Truth, Accountability, and Protecting Democracy: Jamie Raskin on J6 Justice and the Power of the Vote, here is the video: https://youtu.be/-OAm7gnAvvI?si=QFppRSaIuyo_4tCI

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Donations to Democrats Abroad go directly to registering Americans and get out the vote (GOTV) activities such as phone banking, postcards, and most importantly, social media. Democrats Abroad is an incredible investment in our Democracy because it is 100% volunteer led and organized. Every dollar you give supports our work to elect Democrats who will fight to make a better life for all Americans.  

We are able to do it economically and help win congressional districts and states that make a difference in election victory. DA is a global organization committed to helping Americans abroad to be involved in our country no matter where we live.
If you cannot afford to make a donation, consider volunteering your time, or bringing a friend to one of our events.