June 23, 2021

Message from our new Chair, Dr. Elana Sztokman

Dear Friend,

It is a great privilege to be writing to you from this new position, leading our important organization during this crucial time in history. Thank you for entrusting me as your Chair. 

As Americans and Israelis, we have a distinct role in preserving democratic institutions in our world, during a period in which our cherished democracy is facing threats on multiple fronts. We have vital work ahead of us.

Our vision must be clear and steadfast: We want to see a world in which democracy and humanity thrive. We believe in a civic society based on the unequivocal values of compassion, inclusion, diversity, protection of equality and human rights. These are the ideals that our work is built on.

Our mission is equally pressing: To grow a community of Americans in Israel who are committed to these values and beliefs. 

Our work is urgent: To encourage Americans in Israel to participate in the democratic process in America in order to protect democracy today and for future generations.

As we emerge from the shadows of the pandemic, as well as from the cultural and political darkness that fell upon us all in 2016, it is time to rebuild our communities and bring back the light to our shared humanity.

There are many ways for you to do this, by taking part in growing the Dems Abroad community.

* Attend an in-person event – such as the July 4 picnic or Tel Aviv Pride this coming Friday.

* Bring a friend and invite them to join our community – especially one who may not be a member of Dems Abroad yet.

* Volunteer for one of our committees, like Social Media or Get out the Vote, both of which need your help.

Feel free to be in touch with me any time at [email protected]. I’m eager to hear from you.

To new beginnings, together,