July 03, 2019

Barcelona Chapter marches with Pride BCN 2019

Building on the success and great fun of last year's Barcelona Pride we marched again under our Democrats Abroad Barcelona Chapter banner on Saturday June 29th.  We met at the Jardins de les Tres Xemeneies like we did last year.   We flew the US and pride flags and had plenty of signs. We picked up a bunch of marchers along the way, including two guys from Colorado who mentioned that they had a gay governor.  We said,  "We know we got our members from Colorado to request their absentee ballots to vote for him ."  We mentioned that we had Crisanta Duran as a guest speaker at one of our meetings two years ago and some of us are supporting her in her campaign to unseat the current Republican congressman. Needless to say they were surprised. While the turnout was a limited we made our mark and handed out cards to folks we met along the way.