April 16, 2024

Call for Nominations-Volunteer and Program & Events Managers and DPCA Voting Reps


Ready to do the good, hard work of democracy?

Our table is long and wide, so pull up a chair and serve on the Canada Board of Directors.

The DA Canada Nominations & Elections Committee (NEC) is seeking nominations for vacancies listed below for the remainder of the 2023-2025 term ending in March 2025. 

  • Volunteer Manager
  • Programs and Events Manager
  • Multiple DPCA Voting Representatives 


Nominations open with this mailing and will close Tuesday, April 30, 2024 11:59 PM ET. 

You have options for submitting a nomination:

  • BEST OPTION: Complete the online nomination form by clicking here!
  • You may also submit by postal mail or email, please email [email protected] for these instructions. 

DA Canada is committed to improving diversity and inclusion within our Board. We particularly encourage nominations for those who have been traditionally un-represented in politics.

Questions about being a leader in DA Canada are welcome! Email the NEC at [email protected].

Volunteer Manager

The Volunteer Manager shall design and implement a strategy for recruiting, organizing, and developing volunteers for DACA programs and projects identified by the Board, as well as support the Chapters and Caucuses in recruiting, organizing, and developing volunteers for their programs and projects. The Volunteer Manager may share responsibilities with a committee, and shall collaborate with the Membership Secretary and IT Manager as necessary for contacting members, and updating membership records with volunteer-related information, etc. The Volunteer Manager shall coordinate and/or support volunteer outreach activities, respond to volunteer inquiries, and connect volunteers with the appropriate DACA leaders at the national, Chapter or Caucus level, as needed. The Volunteer Manager shall report monthly to the Board on their activities. The Volunteer Manager has full voting rights on the DACA Board.

Programs and Events Manager

The Programs and Events Manager (the “P&E Manager”) shall design and coordinate the organization’s initiatives for member engagement, such as national town halls, debates and speaker events. The P&E Manager shall support the Board, Chapters, Caucuses and DACA committees in planning, organizing, and promoting events such as Global Presidential Primary voting centers, webinars, and social gatherings for membership engagement and development. The P&E Manager shall report monthly to the Board on their activities.The P&E Manager has full voting rights on the Board.

DPCA Voting Representatives (multiple positions available)

DPCA Voting Representatives and Alternate Voting Representatives are responsible for participating in certain DPCA conventions, meetings, and policy-related decision-making, and staying up-to-date on DPCA activities, including meetings and matters for deliberation. To that end, DPCA Voting Representatives and Alternate Voting Representatives are encouraged to attend DACA Board meetings. DPCA Voting Representatives and Alternate Voting Representatives have no right to vote on Board business, unless they hold another position that grants such voting rights.

Candidacy declarations for DPCA Voting Representative shall include an acknowledgment ofthe duties of DPCA Voting Representatives and an undertaking to participate in person or virtually in Democrats Abroad meetings at which DPCA Voting Representatives are expected to participate or to cast votes.


Gender Balance

To the extent practicable, the Officers shall be balanced as to gender. To the extent practicable, the Officers shall be balanced as to gender.  For these purposes, the term “sex” is defined as male, female, intersex, or any other classification of sex or gender that is legally recognized by any province, state or federal jurisdiction within Canada or the United States of America

Thank you so much for your interest and best regards,

Alicia Windsor, Chair
Heather Paterson
Julie Buchanan
Steve Nardi, Teller
DA Canada Nominations & Elections Committee 2024