January 28, 2019

Membership Verification 2019-We hate to see you go!

Every January all of DA's country committees must report the numbers of their verified members as a part of our internal governance. 

Verified members are those who we can confirm are still living in Canada. A large number of our members move back to the States every year and are no longer abroad, which means they can no longer be a member. Verification is determined by members' RSVPs to our events posted on the website, requesting ballots through votefromabroad.org, contact through phone banking, snail mailing and email exchanges with local committees. 

Membership profiles risk being deleted if we cannot verify, at least every four years. 

We recently sent 1700 emails to non-verified members and are attempting to phone those for whom we no longer have a good an email address.  If you received this email or a phone call,  and are still in Canada wishing to stay in touch with us, please send us an email today!to let us know that you want to stay with us! [email protected]