March 12, 2018

Take the Pledge-Never Again

Never Again is the rally cry from the kids and families of Parkland Florida as they organize the March for Their Lives in DC March 24 2018

Never Again is the pledge I make.

Never again, will I let the memories of school shootings fade from my mind once the news cycle decides it not news anymore.
Never Again, will I forget the images of children dead inside of America's learning institutions.
Never again, will I be complacent on gun control.
Never Again, will I forget that these children depend on Us Adults to do something.
Forever and again, will I use my clout to vote "them" out.

Add your name to this pledge by sending an email to [email protected]. putting your First and Last Name (or First Name and last initial if you prefer) and City in the subject line.

Julie Buchanan-Brampton, ON

Lissette Wright-Ottawa, ON

Danielle Stampley-Toronto, ON

Gena Brumitt-London, ON


Steve Nardi-Mississauga, ON

Ramona Rhoades - Cocoli, Panama Oeste, Panama

Rajib Sengupta - Kolkata, India 

Heidi Burch - Victoria, BC

Louie Bardelang - Columbus, Ohio

Jim Mercereau - Mardrid, Spain

Jacqueline Swartz - Toronto, ON