VMF Film- Book June 2022

Film recommendations

VIETNAM: West Virginians Remember Per capita, West Virginians served the most and died the most in Vietnam. These young men spent their young lives hunting and tracking - skills that were prized in this jungle war. Dave Evans, the late husband of Kee Evans, our VMF Caucus Acting Chair, is one of 5 Vietnam veterans who tell their stories in this film. Here 

Greyhound: Tom Hanks stars in a sequel to the WWII movie. He also is the executive producer of an upcoming American war drama miniseries “Masters of the Air''. Here and here. (Apple TV+)



Book recommendations

When I finished reading Isabel Wilkerson’s The Warmth of Other Suns, I was amazed. As the subtitle “The epic story of America’s Great Migration” suggests, this is an epic book in every sense of the word. Describing the Great Migration in personal, vivid detail, it is well-researched, a gripping story describing the journeys and the families of three Black Americans. The book often reads like a novel.