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  • published Gouri-Gouri for You! Gouri-Gouri, for Me! in News 2022-01-21 13:13:17 -0500

    Gouri-Gouri for You! Gouri-Gouri, for Me!

    DAGR Pita Cutting and Voter Registration Kafeneion
    Wednesday, January 26
    7 pm EET (not to be confused with Greek time!)
    On Zoom – RSVP for the link

    In the much-anticipated Greek New Year’s tradition, DAGR will cut the pita next week!

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  • published What We Do with the Money in News 2021-11-23 13:52:46 -0500

    What We Do with the Money

    The short story is, DAGR raises money to stay legal as a non-profit organization in Greece, so that we can Get Out The (Democratic) Vote for US elections.

    The annual ‘budget’ for DAGR is about €3000 now. It covers ongoing and optional expenses, all of which are geared at our goal of getting Americans in Greece informed, engaged, registered and sending back those ballots. Of course, our hope is that they’ll also become members of DAGR and help spread the word further.

    How we do that is the longer story. Read on if you have time.

    Key reasons we raise money: 

    • DAGR Budget Overview
    • 2017 Field Plan, carried forward
    • How DAGR fits into the ‘big picture’
    • US Federal Election Commission law
    • The Democrats Abroad (global) Charter
    • DAGR and Greek Law
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  • Special Elections ExCom Vacancies November 5 – December 2

    Voting will begin Friday to elect two members to the Executive Committee. They will fulfil the terms vacated by officers elected at the 2021 Annual General Meeting.

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  • published DAGR Kafeneion – What is it anyway? in News 2021-10-27 11:52:17 -0400

    DAGR Kafeneion – What is it anyway?

    by Sarajane Kidd Leone, DAGR At-Large Representative
    Kissos, Greece - Oct 27, 2021

    Starting from a proposed virtual book discussion on DAGR Women’s Caucus FB page by Member-at-Large Sarajane Kidd Leone, the Kafeneion was born. With the support of fellow former Member-at-Large Rebecca Lieb, the single discussion cascaded into a regular series of events. These discussions were aimed at community development and exploration of policy issues facing US voters.

    The DAGR Kafeneion now comes together regularly on a Wednesday every month, and reflects in name and spirit, the Greek time-honored tradition of coming together in a community space … but in a thoroughly modern way: online!

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  • published Vacancies in DAGR Executive Committee in News 2021-09-15 15:02:19 -0400

    Vacancies in DAGR Executive Committee

    Special elections called

    Nominations/Elections Committee appointed

    At the September session of DAGR’s Executive Committee, two resignations from the board were accepted. Rebecca Lieb, Representative At Large submitted her resignation, as well as Richard Jackson, Athens Chapter Representative. Both individuals will be leaving Greece for professional commitments.

    The Executive Committee approved the following members to serve on the Nominations/Elections Committee for the special election filling the vacancies: Nikki Fellouris, Chair; Daniel Roberts and Anna Haughton. The Nominations and Elections committee for this special election will be receiving electronic or telephone nominations from now through November 1. Electronic elections will run from November 5 to December 2. If you are interested in serving on the Executive committee, please contact these individuals.

    By email: [email protected]

    Nikki Fellouris:  6936 618 493, 210 722 9654


    Below are the descriptions for each position.

    Representative At Large

    {Preferably lives outside Athens/Thessaloniki chapter areas}

    • Plans and organizes activities and events outside of Athens and Thessaloniki.
    • Membership development. Maintains outreach to non-Athens/Thessaloniki Chapter members.
    • Solicits a pool of volunteers to assist with events and activities.
    • Participates in GOTV activities/efforts outside of Athens/Thessaloniki.

    Athens Chapter Representative

    {Lives IN ATHENS}

    • Plans and organizes chapter-specific activities and events.
    • Maintains outreach to Athens Chapter members.
    • Coordinates with DAGR Secretary and Treasurer.
    • Solicits a pool of volunteers to assist with Athens Chapter events and activities.
    • Coordinates with DAGR Events Chair, Volunteer Chair. Assigned by Chapter Chair with focus on developing neighborhood groups around ‘precinct captains’

  • published 5 Reasons to Connect with Home States in News 2021-09-15 14:49:08 -0400

    5 Reasons to Connect with Home States

    Gerrymander map

    When Jennifer von Estorff and Teresa Ritterhoff began looking at a Texas state team last spring, little did they know how crucial it would become. Now, with TX’s anti-choice law riddled with illegalities, a voter suppression law worst among more to come, TX is in the spotlight. And, the Dems Abroad ‘states teams’ idea has taken off.

    As co-coordinators, Jen and Teresa are helping other state teams get up and running. Kick off events -- online for worldwide join-in – are filling in the fall calendar.

    The idea of state-specific outreach isn’t new in DA. There have been state groups on Facebook, with varying levels of energy and activity, since 2012. They’re still there, a platform to share news and views. Just type in your state’s moniker with ‘abroad’ after it, e.g. Californians Abroad.

    States teams, however, will focus on state-specific issues while building co-operation between activists in the home state and abroad.

    2022 brings states to the forefront! Here’s why:

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  • published DAGR Letter to US Ambassador Pyatt in News 2021-06-30 09:23:57 -0400

    DAGR Letter to US Ambassador Pyatt

    Athens, June 30, 2021

    Dear Ambassador Pyatt,

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  • published PAUL HICKMAN: GBC Poet Laureate, Silent No More! in News 2021-05-31 18:09:25 -0400

    PAUL HICKMAN: GBC Poet Laureate, Silent No More!

    Paul Poet Laureate

    by Robin Rafaelidys, Mytilini

    In a marvelous turning of the tables, the former president's ill-fated rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in June   2020, woke a great many Americans up to historical events they had never heard of.  Originally slated for Juneteenth, (June 19) in an arena near the Greenwood District of Tulsa, it inspired an immediate out-pouring of dissent.

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  • published DAGR VIEW: DA’s Global Meeting May 15, 16 in News 2021-05-31 17:53:36 -0400

    DAGR VIEW: DA’s Global Meeting May 15, 16

    by DAGR Chair Stacey Harris-Papaioannou
    Country Chair and Vice-Chair of DA Greece spent May 15th and 16th attending 10 hour sessions of the 2021 Annual General Meeting of Democrats Abroad. On a schedule friendly to the Asia-Pacific Region this year, the virtual sessions started in the wee hours, Greek time.

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  • published J. A. Lawrence: Looking at Life from the Other Side in News 2021-05-31 17:48:38 -0400

    J. A. Lawrence: Looking at Life from the Other Side


    Editor’s Note: It has come to our attention that the DA Greece membership roster holds a wealth of skills, life experiences, and viewpoints. Our hope is to introduce as many as we can to inspire the rest of us. We started with Athens/Tulsa poet Paul Hickman, and here we capsulize the long, amazing, life and works of Athens member, Judy Blish. Your suggestions of someone to interview are welcome.

    Our DAGR member and long-time activist, Judy Blish, has just published her collected short stories. Most went to print under her nom de plume, J. A. Lawrence. Sci fi fans recognize both names. And that’s just the surface of The Other Side of the Surface. Robin Rafaelifys' very-compressed interview with Judy follows, as well as the video chat with Judy and her step-daughter, Beth Genly. Beth is an activist and author in her own right, and incidentally, the daughter of the late sci fi name, James Blish.

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  • published Juneteenth: When Did You First Learn About It? in News 2021-05-31 13:17:57 -0400

    Juneteenth: When Did You First Learn About It?

    Juneteenth in Austin 2020
    Juneteenth parade in Austin, 2020 courtesy TheBlackDetour

    - by Robin H. Rafaelidys, Mytilini

    I learned about Juneteenth in 1989, the year we bought our first house. I was a teaching assistant at the school my son attended, Garfield Avenue; a magnet school back before George W Bush tore into the Department of Education with a bulldozer. Garfield, a K-5, which earned a National School of Excellence in 1987, was one block west of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Drive – 3rd Street renamed by the Milwaukee Common Council in 1984. Our house was three blocks to the east.

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  • published KAFENEION 1: Age is Valuable; Ageism Not! in News 2021-05-31 11:54:08 -0400

    KAFENEION 1: Age is Valuable; Ageism Not!

    DAGR’s first Kafeneion, a new initiative of community development spearheaded by Members-at-Large Sarajane Kidd Leone and Rebecca Lieb, was a great success! Our first conversation, ageism through the lens of the feminist book In Our Prime by Susan J. Douglas, also featured guest speaker Dr. Liz Mestheneos, founding member of 50+ Hellas. 

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  • published UPDATE: Vaccines for Residents Inelibible for AMKA in News 2021-05-21 11:15:44 -0400

    UPDATE: Vaccines for Residents Ineligible for AMKA

    AMKA Update 3


    It's by now well-known that many foreign residents of Greece have undergone delays and difficulty obtaining the COVID vaccine due to the Greek government's requirement of an AMKA (Greek social security) number in order to secure an appointment.

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