Last Call to Run for Delegate to the DA Regional and Global Conventions


Dear Democrats in the Global Veterans and Military Families Caucus,

Hope you are all taking good care of yourselves in these strange times and keeping your spirits up. We have plenty of work to do in order to win in November, so if you have any extra time, please let us know!

Last call to send in your Candidacy form to run as a Delegate of Democrats Abroad for the DNC Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where the next President and Vice-President will be nominated. Also, last call to run as DNC member for Democrats Abroad.

This Delegate Candidate nomination form must be returned by Friday, April 17th. It is online. In this form you are required to write a 150-word candidacy statement. Our Chair, Julia Bryan will submit these candidacy forms to the campaigns who will vet our list. So you are encouraged to target your message to the campaigns in order for you to be included.

You may run as a Regional Delegate in all or any of the Regional Conventions May 16-17 and as a Global Delegate for the Convention June 6th-7th. These Conventions will be held on-line so no travel expenses required. At the Regional Conventions 4 Delegates will be elected for Biden and 9 for Sanders. At the Global Convention, 4 Delegates will be elected for Sanders.

Workshops will be recorded and made available here.

Any DA member is eligible to run to be one of the Delegates and DNC members who will comprise the 21-person delegation that Democrats Abroad will send to the Democratic National Convention this August (13 Elected Delegates + 8 DNC members). In particular, those from historically marginalized groups are encouraged to run to Delegate: Women, African American, Hispanic American/Latinx, Native American, Asian American and Pacific Islander, LGBT, Persons with Disabilities, and Youth (Under 36). More information here from our Affirmative Action Team.

Again, the DEADLINES are:
Delegate Candidate nomination form must be returned by Friday, April 17.
DNC Member Candidate nomination form must be returned by Monday, April 20. Information about running to become a Democrats Abroad DNC member.

Questions? Please email  [email protected]

More information can also be found here Briefing for Delegates


All the best, Keep healthy,

Anna Marie Mattson on behalf of the Steering Committee

Global Veterans and Military Families Caucus