August 06, 2023

Welcome to our new Democrats Abroad Page

Greetings and Good Day To ALL members of Democrats Abroad Madrid!

Our Democrats Abroad EMEA has been updating all our IT network infrastructure . If you have been visiting our pages recently, that is, during the last three months, our page has been a little inactive. 

We apologize for any shortcomings if you have not been able to view the pages properly. 

As of this week, the have activated our posts, activities, and news and events. From now on you can rely on our page to view the latest activities DA Madrid is doing ahead of Election Year 2024.

We have a lot of new and interesting content, including our monthly news letter, events, special guest, interesting videos, interviews, especially news of our the elections coming next November 7th.

We are ready to help you update your information by assisting you in registering to vote, thus answering any personal request you might have in mind.

We are also looking forward to expanding our network of volunteers, as our TEAM prepares to go full force beginning next September.

Please contact us through [email protected], or by Facebook, or Instagram.

I am sure  lots of you are enjoying the hot summer months, either here in Madrid, Europe, or back home.

All the best,

Lucia J. Perez Crespo-Hernansaiz

Madrid Chapter Chair