February 13, 2017

Grassroots Grow Roots

In the aftermath of the election, three DAA members, Antje Lewis, Tanya Lolonis, and
Juan David Cerda, banded together to “Make America safe for Democracy Again!“
They set themselves the challenge of activating Democrats Abroad members and U.S.
ex-pats in Austria, and to have fun while doing it. Since November, Grassroots of
Democrats Abroad Austria Caucus has developed a format and a growing list of ideas
to turn frustration into actions. 
In the spirit of the activist groups Indivisible and Solidarity Sundays, Solidarity
Sundays Vienna plans monthly meet-ups to target a specific issue or non-profit
organization under threat by the Trump Administration and the Republican-
controlled Houses of Congress. 
The goal of this grassroots effort is to build a community of activists in Austria. The
ideas and energy that the group generates reflect a participatory approach: DAA
members are encouraged to propose an issue to target and the Caucus will help you
organize your action or event. 
When DAA members Allison Gutscher and Lizzie Stevens said that they’d like to
organize a postcard writing action for Planned Parenthood, the Grassroots Caucus
brainstormed with them and offered practical assistance to help them make it
happen. The very first Solidarity Sundays Vienna is set for Sunday, February 26!
(details below) And on Earth Day, April 22nd, DAA member Danny LoCasio – Danny
Chicago – is coordinating our participation in the March for Science Vienna. 
What issue do you wish to support? Join us! We’ll support you in constructing events
that educate and activate, whether it be contacting our representatives, conducting
Teach-ins or Read-ins, skywriting, or marching. Contact Tanya, Antje, or Juan to get
the wheels in motion for a Solidarity Sundays Vienna action you’d like to see.
Grassroots of DAA Caucus wants to hear from you: we know you have LOTS to say!