May 7- 14 Week of Action Schedule+ Social Media

STOP the Supreme Court from Taking Away Abortion Rights!

May 7- 14 Week of Action Schedule+ Social Media

Suggested plans for action


Saturday May 7: PROTEST!

Find Emergency protests wherever you are. Send people to our website, and spread our main slogan and demand:




Sunday May 8 (Mother’s Day): Actions Outside of Churches

Host non – violent protests outside of prominent churches- the ones like where Amy Coney Barrett are a part of in their towns, these can look like a group of people holding signs wearing Handmaids Tale outfits, passing out flyers outside to church goers or doing a die-in. MORE INFO COMING SOON. 

Atlanta: Sunday, May 8th, 10:00 AM: Mother’s Day Action: When Abortion is Illegal, Women Die! Die-in at Cathedral of Christ the King, 2699 Peachtree Rd, Atlanta, GA 30305. DM @RefuseFascismATL

Bay Area: No Forced Motherhood Procession, 2 pm @ Allston & MLK at the book festival see post here

Chicago: details tba 

NYC: 2:00 pm RBG Municipal Building Brooklyn People’s Mother’s day March

SEATTLE: 5:30 pm @ St. James Cathedral (E. Madison St. & Broadway) see post

Sunday May 8 (Mother’s Day): Social Media Videos

Mothers! Post videos around one or all of these themes and hashtag #MothersDay & #RiseUp4AbortionRights

-Motherhood should be a choice, not forced by the church or the state.

-Forced Motherhood is Female Enslavement!

-Protect Motherhood- Support Abortion Rights!

Monday May 9: Chalk Your Town!

Grab some chalk (green if you have it!) and write messages all over your town! These could look like:

Only you can protect abortion rights

Abortion on Demand and Without Apology

Stop the Supreme Court from Taking Away the Right to Abortion

Protect the right to abortion – take to the streets May 14th!


#Green4Abortion #RiseUp4AbortionRights

Don’t forget to tag @Rise4AbortionRights in your photos!

Monday May 9: Get up Posters!

Print posters off our website to spread the word about the week of action and specifically about the United Mass Protests on Saturday May 14. Materials coming soon. DM us on social media or send us an email to volunteer to help design!

Tuesday May 10th: Green-Out, Art installations, or Murals

Grab any pieces of green fabric you can find or head over to your local fabric store and get a large piece of green fabric and paint the town green! Cover the major statue or landmarks in your town with green and hang flyers with information about the movement around the area. Materials will soon be available on our materials page.

Are you a painter or have painter/ muralist friends? Reach out, send them this website and ask them to contribute art in their city on this day! 

One more idea is grafitti artists and stencils all over big cities, DM us with ideas, or just go for it! Tag us in your posts. 

Wednesday May 11th: Mass Banner Drops

Get some friends together, grab a piece of fabric (at least 5 feet x 5 feet)  write a slogan on it and drape it over a freeway overpass or in another busy part of your town! It’s that easy. You can make multiple to hang over several overpasses in town to make even more of an impact!



Only you can protect abortion rights

Abortion on Demand and Without Apology

Stop the Supreme Court from Taking Away the Right to Abortion

Protect the right to abortion – take to the streets May 14th!



Thursday May 12th: National Student Walk-Out

Our student groups have been organizing their peers to walk out of class in support of abrtion rights! Whether you are in high school or college, you and your class mates can choose an agreed upon time to collectively leave class. Be sure to mention why you are doing so when you leave. For an added bonus, meet up together in the quad and hold an impromptu rally or discussion surrounding the abortion rights emergency and what can be done about it. More info on the student week of action coming soon. 


Friday May 13th: Nationwide Die-Ins

This form of street theater dramatizes the grim realities of what happens when abortion is not easily accessible or legal – women die. Pick a populated place where you are, make an announcement of what you are doing, and have people lay on the ground while one person while one person explains the symbolism. It can look like this:

“ The Supreme Court is poised to overturn Roe vs Wade! Only the people can stop this!” *People fall to the ground* “ Abortion bans do not end abortions, they only end safe abortions! When abortion is not made easily available, people are forced to take matters into their own hands, and out of desperation take drastic steps like drinking rat poison, throwing themselves down the stairs or using a coathanger to induce their own abortions. We cannot allow this! We MUST defend this right! Join us in the streets May 14th!” For an example of what this looks like, click here.


Saturday May 14th: Nationwide Mass Protests

Wherever you are, however many you can assemble – GET OUT INTO THE STREETS! Join a march near you that is put on by Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights or join another organizations march on this day- many groups will have them going on!


NYC Flagship Protest: 2 pm Union Sq. (14th St.)

Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights Protests Currently Called for 29 Cities 

Atlanta, GA; Austin, TX; Biloxi, MS; Boston, MA; Chattanooga, TN; Cheyenne, WY; Chicago, IL; Columbus, OH; Cleveland, OH; Detroit, MI; Flint, MI; Frankfurt, KY; Hartford, CT; Honolulu, HI; Las Cruces, NM; Nashville, TN; Newark, DE; New York, NY; Palm Desert, CA; Oklahoma City, OK;  Orlando, FL; Portland, OR; Orono, ME; Salt Lake City, UT; San Francisco, CA; Seattle, WA; Spokane, WA; Venice, CA; Worcester,